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FORUM RULES (No Longer Valid)

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First things first....


As many of you know, this is the very last thing I ever wanted to do. It appears that with the forum growing, and new members not knowing the way a clean, controlled, yet fun forum is ran, there must be some rules set here. I will keep them short and sweet, just like Donna.


#1 Under no circumstances will any member slander, cuss, argue, bicker or in any other way, start an altercation on the public forums with another member. If you have a problem with another member or their comments, you will use your PM to contact them regarding the issue. I will NOT allow any bickering between members on the public forum.



1 st offense - warning

2nd offense - 3 day temporary ban

3rd offense- permanent ban from the forum


#2 No member shall have in their avatar, custom title or signature field, any pornographic images of any kind, be it cartoon or actual, or any image or quote, that may be offensive to other members. There are to many children who look over mom or dads shoulder and see many things that are plain to see, on this forum. If there is a curse word in your avatar or signature, I am not so concerned about that, as long as it is not one of the dreaded curse words. If you are unsure, PM me, and ask first! These will be immediately removed.



1st offense - warning and removal of language

2nd offense - 3 day temporary ban

3rd offense - permanent ban from the forum


#3 Hijacking of the Goldwing Technical Forums and Product and Supplier Reviews will not be tolerated. Pretty much any other forum is free game. I and others, actually do find it interesting where some posts can end up, but in these "Information Important" forums, we really do need to stick to the subject. We do not do the member, who is in need of the information, any good when we throw their post in a complete opposite direction. Please respect these two forums by not hijacking the posts in them.



1st offense - warning

2nd offense - probably another warning

3rd offense - 3 day temporary ban

4th offense - 7 day temporary ban

Further offenses will be dealth with on an individual basis.


Thats it guys and gals. I DO NOT want to load us down with a ton of rules. I simply want to make certain ones clear to everyone on the forum. Have fun, be curtious to each other, and if you are unsure if you should post it.... you probably shouldn't.



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