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Hang it there Dave ,Time heals all wounds:wave:

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Thank you all very much, went to the orthopedics Dr. the other day and he was blown away (and not in a good way) at how the Arkansas doctors in the hospital treated me. As i was telling my story his jaw litterly dropped as he was in shock at the poor care i received. One comment he made to me was "A doctor told you that?"


First they put me in the wrong type of neck collar, it was an "el cheapo" from what i understand. The collar they put me in allowed me movement of my neck in ways that prevented my neck from stablizing properly. Luckily so far we cannot see any damage caused by this but it is still too early to tell. I am in the correct collar now and we will see if we can save the day here.


They also put me in the wrong kind of chest brace. The so called "comfort wrap" they had me wear was the wrong kind of device (again the they took the cheapest route)and put unneeded pressure on my chest and back, causing me incredible unnecessary pain and prolonged healing and also could have done more damage than good but it is also too early to really tell for sure.


They also never treated my knee for which i am still having pain and the the dr. now has me in a full leg brace and has scheduled MRI and appointment with sports injuries dept to look at the issue.


I am finally off the walker though, the dr. here said i dont need anymore as it was cause me to become hunch backed and i need to begin walking normally and so they took that away. The full leg brace does make it easier to get around as i feel i can now depend on my knee more with the brace on and not so much a trick knee now. Hopefully in time i will be able to walk without that also.


The kneck brace is prob comming off in a few weeks and then we will really know what the damage is once i have full mobility back.


As far as my back pain, well that can never be repaired. Since both breaks in my back are compression fractures they will never come back. And doctors dont usually do any surgery unless it is affecting your spinal cord. Basically it is what it is now.


So with that said, since he told me bones usually take 6-8 weeks to heal and i am still living with pain every day of my life 24/7 then that tells me that this is what the rest of my life will be like. He wants me off my codone so i dont get addicted to it so i have been taking advil which pretty much does nothing. So its either i am adicted and drugged up all the time or i am not able to do much for very long as the pain shuts me down.


Lets hope my disability comes thru because i cant imagine any employer will hire me after i tell them


"sorry i cant do this and i cant do that and by the way every 15 min when my back pain is extreme i need to go sit down or lay down for a few so be sure to pay me for that time as well unless you want me to just leave my post and clock out then go lay down for an hour 15 times a day at least"

I will put that on my resume im sure ill get tons of calls lol


We will see what happens.

Thanks all and Bless you all.

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Thanks for the update Dave. It sounds like you got the same care they give at our local Hospital - get em in and get em out. :doh:


Lets hope everything heals up right and you get at least most of your mobility back. Disability can be a real pain to get, but if you have your doctor backing you, I know it makes it go much much smoother.


Best wishes to you on a speedy and complete recovery.

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Thank you all for your prayers and your help, every one of you have been an inspiration to me and i am forever grateful.


However i am to the point now where i am over the hump, i still have a long way to go but i am past the worst of it thanks to all of you. With that said i feel it is time to focus any further donations on someone else who may need it. Rudy for one has cancer and needs some specialized testing done and needs help.


I am sure there are others that also need some help and so i am requesting we remove the header message off the site for my donations and lets focus on helping someone else who is not yet over the hump and who needs our help if we can do so.


Thanks again, peace


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I'm glad your doing better. I have been meaning to change the header for Rudy but haven't had a free minute in days. I'm on my mobile now, so I can't do it, but I will get it switched tonight.

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