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Bragg Creek AB to Whitefish MT, July 25 to 28, 2011.

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The CFO and I along with my Sister and BIL headed South for a four day trip from Bragg Creek AB

to Whitefish MT. We on the 1500 and the other two on a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard C90 T. The reason

for this trip was for the other three to see the Going to the sun road in Glacier National Park, I had

done the trip before in 2009. This was a nice ride covering only 1000 km over four days.


Mapquest link of our route --> http://www.mapquest.ca/?le=t&hk=9-2pED&vs=h#fa691d274626add9a50e1b86




Day 1, July 25 ---> Bragg Creek to Waterton Park, 255 km. We left at 0930 and worked our way South through

the foothills with the Rockies on our right all the way to Waterton. Hit a few rain drops around Longview but they

did not last. Had lunch at Pincher Creek at the Tim Hortons. By the time we left Pincher Creek the skies had cleared

and no more rain. There are wind farms around here as the wind never quits blowing. Two lane highway all the way

with big sweeping turns and lots of valleys.


We stopped quite a few times along the way to take photos and stretch our legs. We arrived at Waterton Park at

1530 and got into our hotel. Waterton is a small community with one gas station, lots of hotels and quit a few

places to eat. As you would expect they charge all they can for hotels and meals. There are two short rides you

can do while at Waterton, Cameron Lake and Red Rock Canyon. We decided to go to Red Rock Canyon, took about

a hour round trip. Beautiful part of the world, we walked around the townsite for a bit, had supper and turned

in for the night. By the way, the lake is cold and severe shrinkage will occur if you try swimming in it !


Here is a list of things to do at Waterton, according to trip advisor.



Mountain on East side of Waterton Lake





Waterton Lake





Red Rock Canyon





Red rock Canyon







Day 2, July 26 ---> Waterton Park to Whitefish MT, 193 km. It rained off and on through the night and we

put on our rain suits for our departure at 1000 after breakfast. Short ride to the border crossing at

Chief Mountain. This crossing is closed nightly from 2200 to 0700. Took us about 15 minutes to get through as

it was busy, well busy for this small crossing. We stopped about 20 km short of St Mary at a scenic overlook

to take some pics and get out of the rain gear as it had cleared off a bit with no rain. Fuelled up at St Mary

and went through the park gate, $24 per bike fee, and headed up toward Logans Pass. The weather started

to close in with a bit of rain. As we drove along the North side of St Mary Lake the wind coming down from

the pass picked up and the temperature dropped. Its a short ride up to the pass, approx. 12 miles, with only

one construction site on the way up.


By the time we got to the summit, the wind was out of the North, raining hard and it was just above freezing.

Clouds obscured most of the views and we spent about 10 minutes at the top in a traffic jam of people waiting

to park at the visitors centre. We were so cold all we wanted was down off the mountain, we did not get off

at Logans Pass and started down the West side. There were four construction sites on the West side and we

had to stop at all of them and wait for the alternating traffic. Once we got off the summit it continued to

rain a bit but was warmer.


Needless to say we were disappointed at not seeing the views this road is famous for.


Eight minute video of the Sun Road from West to East --->


Have a look at the snow removal that occurs every May and June.


We stopped at Lake McDonald Lodge for coffee and hot chocolate and then went

on to Whitefish arriving at 1600. Spent the late afternoon walking around the town, window shopping

and such. The highlight of the day was eating at Mambo Italiano on 2nd St. We had a couple of pizzas

and some great garlic bread. The place was packed and the other food being served looked and

smelled good. Turned in early.




Day 3, July 27 ---> Whitefish MT, did a 187 km ride South to Kalispell, around Flathead Lake to Polson and

then back up the East side of the lake to Bigfork. The route followed close to the lake with sweeping turns

and gradient changes. The road from Polson to Bigfork along the East side is speed restricted most of

the way to 40 MPH which gives you a chance to enjoy the scenery and cherry orchards.


Bigfork is a quaint town with all the shopping and eating stores you would expect for a tourist destination.

We walked around for a while and had lunch. Had a few raindrops while there, just enough to wet the road.

We departed for Whitefish at 1400 and got back to the hotel and parked the bikes. Walked three

blocks to the downtown area for the women to do some shopping. Ate supper at a rib shack, went back to

the hotel, had a couple of beer and went to bed.


Bigfork Downtown





Bigfork Downtown






Downtown Whitefish





Witefish Ski Hill in background






Day 4, July 28 ---> Whitefish MT to Bragg Creek, 355km. Left Whitefish at 0945 for the hour trip to

the border at Roosville which is a 7/24 crossing. We stopped at Tobacco Plains just South of Eureka to

stretch our legs and take some photos. Stopped at the duty free for our chosen poison, cleared customs

and headed North into Canada. We stopped at Fernie BC for lunch from 1230 to 1345. We proceeded

East on Hwy 3 and had a gas stop at Sparwood.


We did a photo stop at the visitor centre at Crowsnest Pass. I have never stopped in the pass without

the wind blowing so strong it would strip the freckles off your face. The views are spectacular up here

and I never tire of seeing it. We went on to the Frank Slide historic site and took a few photos. The

photos do not do justice to the moonscape of rocks along the highway and railway tracks. The 1903 slide

came off Turtle Mountain and was a wedge measuring 2,100 feet by 3,000 feet by 500 feet thick and

slid 2,300 feet down the mountainside. An estimated one hundred million tons of limestone slid into

the valley and onto the town of Frank AB.


Link to the Frank Slide story ---> http://www3.sympatico.ca/goweezer/canada/frank.htm



Tobacco Plains rest stop





Tobacco Plains rest stop





Crowsnest Pass





Crowsnest Pass





Frank Slide





Frank Slide






We headed North on Hwy 22 and enjoyed the sweeping turns and valleys on the way home. We stopped

at Longview to fuel up the Boulevard and walk around. I love riding with other bikes who quickly learn to

envy the range the Wing has. We arrived home at Bragg Creek around 1730 and unpacked.


We threw some coolers and beer into a ice bucket and jumped in the hot tub. Spent a couple of hours in

there talking about the last four days and how disappointed we were about the weather at Logans Pass

and how much fun we had the rest of the time. Grabbed some food, went out on the deck, started a

fire and just watched it. There was still light in the sky at 2300 and watched as the stars came out on

a beautiful night in the foothills.








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Too bad about the weather. Logan Pass is a very busy place. PArking is almost impossible. Better on a bike than a vehicle though. For me it's a been there done that thing so now I avoid it.


So you were back home for the long weekend? Did you make it in to the Goldwing Rally at all? We had a pretty decent time. Lots of riding and great weather. Kept us busy the whole time. Must have been about 100 bikes there.

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Did not make it to the rally. Had the visitors still here, went rafting on Saturday.


Did you do the Highwood Pass ?




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Hodgy that sounds like it was a pretty good ride over all.


East to West over Logan pass is something I never did very often I usually went the other direction just because of living in Kalispell. I'm always like the east side highway around Flathead lake it's a very nice ride. Since you where in Whitefish did you stop into the Bulldog pub at all?

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Not this time Jack. In 2009 my bud and I hoisted a few in there one night. There are some good old saloons around there.




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That there is and Moose's down in Kalispell is almost a staple that has to be seen :rofl:

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Photos have been posted.






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Great looking trip and good ride report too. Thanks for sharing!



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Have been to Glacier National Park twice, both times by train then rental car. The first time I had my 2 youngest sons and an aged aunt with me. I drove the Going to the Sun road. I was TERRIFIED. Didn't want the boys to know I was so scared. Never so glad to get off a road in my entire life.


Second trip was with my husband. He wanted to drive over the Going to the Sun road. But that time we had a BIG rental car. I told him he could drive it by himself. There was NO WAY I would EVER travel that road again. But the road was still closed when we left near the end of June due to snow pack. We did however take a ride up to Waterton in Canada.


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