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Tom Mix death spot AZ Fallen officers Memorial run

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Ok so today was a bit overcast and cooler than it's been and after a construction area Sofie needed a bath. Well the bath led to some wax etc. Then I decided I eeded to go take a few pictures of her. So I grabed the camera and headed down the road to something I noticed on my last trip down this road.


From Roadside America

Tom Mix was the greatest of the silent-era movie cowboys, and a cowboy in real-life as well. He reportedly could knock a button off of a shirt with a rifle shot, and jump a horse into a railroad box car. He was married seven times to six different women.

But Tom was 60 years old on October 11, 1940, and behind the wheel of a V8 convertible, not in a saddle, when he decided to race north across the Arizona desert to visit his son-in-law. No one knows how fast he was going when he saw the road repair crew, but some say that he was standing straight up on the brakes, trying to stop, when his car flew into the washed-out gully. Tom's aluminum suitcase was thrown out of the back seat and into the back of Tom's head (He was wearing his trademark 10-gallon white Stetson at the time). Mix emerged apparently unscathed from the car -- which was not badly damaged -- took one step, and crumpled, dead of a broken neck.

So we arrived at the site


A shot of Sofie minus the windshield and sissy bar


and a few more



Then with the detachable stuff back on



A few miles down the road presented another photo site





and then off to the fallen officers memorial



And just because I'm the strange one I am here's a few for you all to ponder










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What hwy is the Mix memorial on? I might like to go there... seenhis brace of 6 shooters in the Roy Roders museum....

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Joep it's AZ 79 between mile markers 115 and 116

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:COOL::cool: Jack, thanks for showing it!

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:clap::clap: Jack that was nice thanks for all the :picture:

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