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Utility Trailer

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Well to throw 2 cents to the pile... Here is my crude little trailer. I've got basically $100 bucks in lumber and electrical in it. It was rather easy to build.


I started out with a fold up utility trailer frame which I cut down to size and weld together. I was to happy with the idea its bolted together. Not to mention most of all the roads out here are dirt so I better built on a solid frame.




The box dimensions are roughly 3 foot wide by 4 foot long by 1.5 tall. Here is what is look like as front view from in front of the bike for wind profile...






So since I had some old oil based grey paint I used it as a under coating to keep the wood from rotten out on me. Trust me I used the entire quart on the bottom!




To be sure this was safe I got it all put together and looked for some test cargo. I managed t ofind to very wet pine rounds weighing over 300 pound to stuff in the trailer. It rode straight as a arrow and did very well. The only thing that was concerning was that amount of weight is not suggested without trailer brakes.




At this point I was working on the paint job and electrical...




But here is the finshed product...




I use the trailer for most of my summer work like automotive repair, or my computer business. I've alo used it for camping a few time and plan on doing a few camping trips this summer... :ponder:

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Thats awesume mopar :egypt:

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Vey nice, how long have you had it? and how is it holding up?

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This is the second year... It built with 1/2 Inch OSB panel board and 2x2's... It holding up rather well other than the lid is taken a good beating. The paint I used didn't seal the wood as well as I figured it would of... But I still use it daily and tow it up and down dirt roads yet. It cost me about 3-4 MPG roughly to tow it around but the cargo room is worth it. I can put everyting I need for doing jobs in it. (Tools, computers, equiptment, fire dept gear, or camping stuff.)


I'm going to remember to take my camera with me some day... :bang:




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