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(*)%$#@&*** weather

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Sunday it was 60 degrees and bikes out all over the place.  Today, Tuesday, we have 4" of snow (not including the first 1+ inch that melted when it hit) and temps in single digits this morning and tonight 8f or lower.   Two wheels Sunday and Four Wheel Drives on their roofs today.  


I need to flush the cooling system on Frankentruck but am afraid he would be one big ice cube frozen to the ground if I pulled his hoses and put the water hose in his jacket.  Hate to put the new radiator in without flushing out all of that crappy GM orange (organic acid based) stuff that eats up cooling system parts.  If Jay Leno would send me a couple of thousand $$ I would put that EvansCool waterless stuff in he is always pushing.  We have used the green stuff (glycol based) for years and have not had any problems.  I even remember when we had alcohol antifreeze.  That stuff was fun because it would burn.  However, several years back ambulances were burning up.  It was finally traced to a cooling system leaking and spraying the AmsOil coolant on the exhaust manifolds and that stuff would burn. I thought that was silly until I flicked a drop on my hot wood burning barrel stove in the shop I had.  It flashed. The local ambulance service had me change all of their antifreeze.

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