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just added a few hundred more miles to the Aspen

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We have been camping a lot this summer.  We just did 4 days and 3 nights in Land Between the Lakes.  That is a great area to camp as there are more attractions than you can see in several days.  Just do not plan to ride thru the Elk and Bison reserve on a motorcycle as that is not allowed.  Estella was over the moon this trip as the road thru the open range just happened be inside a group of 3 big bull elk with their harems all separated by a couple hundred yards and bugling at each other to define their right to be there. 


Went to an 1850s wedding at the homeplace 1850s farm in TN where Estella got brushed by a flying frying pan in one of the ceremonies when the guy throwing it had it break apart in his throw.  The wedding party photo is one Estella shot and I doctored to look old.


We went to the Kentucky Opry show and listened to a great live and mostly impromptu show of country music that lasted 2.5 hrs.  The guy that owns the theater and is the leader on the stage would simply start playing a song he felt like and the others just played like they had the music in front of them.  The electronic keyboard player, a little tiny lady who is blind never missed a beat in a song.  someone would mention an artist or a song and she would start playing.  They had a young gal fiddle player who also was a clog dancer but the star clogger was a little 6 year old girl.


We went to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Ky and Estella was lost in there for 3 hours.  This wall hanging quilt has many animals in it.  Have fun finding them.  The art that went into some of those quilts is beyond belief.  You look at them with your eye and then look at them thru a camera lens and what the artist had skillfully buried in the overall look would stand out making toe quilt totally different, i.e. a photo of a person that covered the whole quilt.  


It rained Sunday evening and much of Monday morning.  We had stretched our 10' by 20' tarp lengthwise over the camper with 3 painter poles holding the opening end up.  Had the picnic table pulled up under it with the middle pole sitting on the table.  Had a couple of rocks under the camper end of the table to make any water run away from the camper.  The tarp only was extended about 6" past the back end and we had tied 2 of the eyelets on each side where the peak of the camper is to help make the tarp conform to the shape better.  When we folded up at noon on Monday all we had to dry was the floor where water had seeped up thru the HF puzzle pad fatigue mats.


Land Between the Lakes, a fantastic area.  Down at the bottom in TN there is a Piney Campground that is now a year around camping place.  We are thinking about taking a December or January trip down to see some of attractions further south into TN.






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Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful time . More camping is in order I expect. Enjoy the sights and thanks for sharing.

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