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Mountain Rider

KLIM Tech 1200

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Mountain Rider

What are your thoughts?  Klim headquarters is about 2 miles from the house, and with a military discount on a non-current helmet, I can pick one of these up for about $268.  I've been shopping around for an open face, but at this price, I don't know if I can pass on one.  

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Mountain Rider

Well, I went ahead and did the deed.  For $267 and change I walked out the door with a matt black Klim TK1200.  There are a lot of bells and whistles that are included with these, I'm impressed.  In addition to the helmet, it comes with a Transition face shield (goes from clear to almost black in seconds when you step outside), a pin lock insert, ear pads to fill the speaker pockets if you desire, a chin curtain, and a really nice helmet bag (quilted, not the normal tissue thin drop it in there gunny sack). 


Since talking with Leslie while we ride is a priority, I installed an EdSet 3G headset in it.  I really like the sound quality on these, and being modular is a great feature as I can replace or upgrade speakers and micro phones by simply unplugging the old unit and plugging the replacement in.  These are very good for the guys that have multiple bikes and different brands.  Because the helmet unit is the same for every helmet, no matter what bike it's for, they make a lower cord specific to the bike.  Ride the HD in the morning with the 7 pin cable, ride the Wing in the after noon just by swapping to the 5 pin lower cable.   I did find I had to deepen the speaker recesses in the helmet about 1/8" so the speakers weren't pressed against my ears (and cutting on a $600 helmet is not a natural act, but I'll forgive myself this one time).


Back to the helmet.  :wink-sm:  The vent on top is massive, easy to operate,  and flows great air.  The chin vent is good, but being behind a windshield, doesn't do as much.  The visor can be positioned to allow more air to hit your face, and stays in place well.  Riding in the heat had me rethinking my choice of color and style, but between the top vent and opening the face shield, I had plenty of air and was comfortable in a matter of minutes.  This helmet also has a large face shield, so seeing everything is easy and doesn't require looking like an owl to see what's along side.  If you have it properly fit, don't plan on putting it on with glasses on you head, it's snug and there is some technique involved in the process to start with.  The lining does have a nice channel for your glasses though, so putting them on after the helmet is in place is easy.  Lastly, it's extremely light, being slightly over 2 1/2lbs.  We're leaving for 2 weeks on the road in a couple days, so we'll see if the light weight pays off.  Well there you have it.







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