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Pat S.

Buying a used GL1800, what to look for?

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Pat S.

I'm looking to buy a used GL1800 that I can afford. I'd love to have a new one but sticker shock keeps me away. Looking at the market, a 2005-2010 model should be in my price range. ABS is a must, and an airbag would be nice. I need to know what to look for, or should I say what to look out for, in a used wing? Possible problem areas that could cause me headaches or added expense that I don't need.

thanks for your input, Pat

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I see you have ST now some of the below may be things your aware of.

Service records are always nice to see the history of care. Be careful of gadgets added to the electrical system by way of hacking the wire harness.  Trunk lids with racks sometimes have cracks around the mounting points from to much weight .  If memory is correct there are two brake recalls, might ask if thats been done.

I would plan on a full service of all fluids after purchase. (brake/clutch fluid should be flushed at two years). Depending on miles, lube the drive shaft splines at least when the rear tire is changed.

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Mountain Rider

Not much to add to what Mike said, make sure services and fluids are up to date, and take a look at the tires.  If the tires are 5 years old, change them.  They may look good, but after about 4 years the rubber starts to break down and tires loose their flexibility.  There were a couple issues with the older 1800's, frame cracks, which were covered with a recall, and some of the early 1800's had problems associated with the alternator drive.  Beyond that the 1800's are a pretty reliable and stable platform.   2006 through 2010 are probably the cream of the crop, especially if you want "Made in America".  If that's not an issue, 2006 through the 2017's are pretty much problem free mechanically, with minor issues with the nav and XM systems.  Good luck with your search, ride safe and keep the shiny side up.  


PS: Where are you located in Idaho?



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