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From Goldwings to Dodges

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We technically still own an 86 GL-1200 but the GL-1800 while resting in its grave on the place gave it's title to the insurance company.  So when our grandson donated back to Grandpa the 1985 D-100 Dodge that Grandpa donated to him 5 years prior it was decided that being Grandma could not reach the clutch pedal we would put an automatic transmission into it.  While looking for a transmission we found one but the whole 1981 D-150 truck was with it.  Slant 6 just like the short wheelbase D-100 could use.  The 81 has a non-rusted cab and the 85 is well rusted.  The 81 was dead on compression on one cylinder and we took a gamble it was a valve bad.  Well, it is a hole in a piston.  The Chrysler lean burn system, which does not survive for 37 years, caused a lean condition which leads to pistons with holes burned in them especially if no one put in a vacuum advance distributor.  The only problem with that is this old man with another hernia, is reaching over the fenders to take the engine out or apart.  


Last week we found another 1985 Dodge D-150 Royal SE with a 318 engine and automatic.  The guy said the previous owner claimed it had an ignition problem and this guy put a points distributor in it (??? why).   So this truck just might get to be the bosses driver.  Needs the bed swapped with the 81 because it had sat with water in the front of it and rotted the front wall out.  We actually know the history of the truck a little bit back to the day it was new.  Cost? just some unneeded junk I had and he thought he could sell.  So now we have 1.5  gold wings, 3  Dodge pickups, 1 1989 Ford bucket truck that needs a little TLC, my 1994 Frankentruck (1/2 Chevy and 1/2 Ford), a 1979 GMC C-20 with the remains of a 350 under the hood, a 2004 Dodge Durango with a trashed 5.7 hemi that belongs to our son, a IH-300 Farmall tractor, and the bosses command car the  mighty Fiat 500 sport hot rod.  Might have to register as a junk (recycling center) yard.  Just got a pile of used oil field pipe donated to me yesterday for supplying help to a local operator.  Has to be a lot of projects there.



Estella thinks I have a big lead on everyone in the project department.

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Not sure if I have unfinished projects or big dreams . Either way stuff that I may never finish, but I gather parts for as I find them.

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