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Does an Aspen Classic camper float?

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I do not know but maybe will soon have to find out.  We have been wanting to go camping since March but with over 2 months of monsoon season and more still predicted we have not even moved the camper out of the hangar.  We called 2 of our favorite campgrounds and they both said: "many sites are super soggy."  One site said people from along the Mississippi River are bringing their campers and setting them up so they are not in flood ground and if their homes get inundated they have a place ready to go to.  Here they just pushed the Wabash River flood warning forward till May 12.  That will make at least 9 weeks of almost continuous warnings. 


Our main problem is the farmer who put in a turkey manure collection site 1/4 mile from our back deck.  He cannot get into his fields to spread it, with some nudging by us the State EPA has made his site not dump their polluted water into the Wabash River.  The storage site is a big lake of turkey manure polluted stagnant water.  It would be hard to guess how many semi-truck loads are already piled up.  The photo is only the east end of this smelly mess.  The pile is as high as a big Caterpillar end loader can push it up.  behind the pile, you can see part of the lake of manure water they tried to isolate and hide.  Until the failed state inspector was forced to look at the mess they had a cut in the retaining levee allowing the putrid water to drain into the big roadside drainage ditch which goes into the Wabash River.  Definitely not what you want to be downwind of.  Evidently, the US EPA has been neutered when it comes to pollution of a major waterway that feeds Ohio River and then the Mississippi River. We and our neighbors had issued an invitation to all EPA officials to visit the site.  We would set up a picnic next to the stinking mess and I bet their appetite would be suddenly gone.


I think the Aspen with a little RTV sealer around bolt heads and etc. would be a good boat.  Put a small pontoon under the tongue and a 50 hp motor on the back and stops in the Carribean might be possible.  After all, I have always wanted to make the ride around Cuba.  That would only be a 90 mile boat ride.  10 mph = 9 hours.  Maybe get in a little fishing on the way.





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