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So much to do and little time to do it.

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Weather has been bad this year, had a bad time in the hospital with 2 surgeries and was out of action for almost 2 months.  So up to date on the list of things needing to be done.

1.  Get the raised bed gardens finished moved and the fence around them built.  So muddy now we can not get into them or get the new topsoil in.

2.  Move the 16 x 32 ft tractor solarium about 300 ft. and slide it up on the 18" tall supports

3.  Build overhang onto the front of the now truck solarium.

4.  Rebuild the Dodge Slant 6 leaning tower of power in the 81 D-150.  Or find a swap in 6 or a 383 - 440 motor and auto transmission to swap in. 

        This is to be Estella's pickup she can drive and haul whatever she wants.  

5.  Try to find and swap a non-electronic Turbo 350 or turbo 400 hydra-matic with 4wd transfer case into Frankentruck.

        Do not need overdrive unless a 4l60 non-electronic could be found. Tired of that Heavy Duty NV-4500 five-speed with the heavy action super duty clutch.                        Frankie's transfer case is good and is only used for the lower range as the thermal actuator on the front axle is bad so maybe it would bolt on the automatic.

6.  At the time of the transmission, swap install the new 5.7l engine from Jegs.

7.  Strip aluminum storm windows and any other thing of value from the old house, flatten it and burn it.

8.  Try to work in another hernia surgery and recovery period, hopefully without the 3 "almost lost him" events.

9.  Attend NASSIR 12

10. Attend IL M&G

11. Highest impending things to do are whatever the Boss tells me to do.

12. Maybe work in a little camping.

13. Try to enjoy time with friends and family

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Gary I sure wish I had a short shaft t350/400 to swap you for the NV4500. Actually I think to use the transfercase you have ,you will need a t400 from a 4x4 to get the correct output shaft size. I dont think the 350/700-4L60 have the large spline output. If you sourced a trans and transfer that would work. 

You sure do have a solid list of projects. Be safe and dont rush them.

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I think you need to move 11,12,and 13 to 1,2,and 3.  Also you need to slow down a bit.  At the rate you work you'll be done by the 4th of July....then what will you do for the rest of the summer?

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Got the Miller gasoline powered welder running today.  It is a Tecumseh ohv 16 hp powered unit.  The electronic ignition is what would be called unobtainium (long not available) so I built my own electronic ignition using a brake sensor and some old ignition junk.  It started right away but then the carb began slobbering fuel back out of the intake.  So now the carb has to come back off and a new float valve put into it.  With luck, I will find a good used one in the supply of junk carbs I have laying around.  If I could find an interchange from the Walbro WHG from the Tecumseh to one from a Kohler or Briggs, a new carb is $22.  Would not be worth trying to fix the bad float valve.  I did run a big dose of SeaFoam in the carb before I quit.  One does not realize how nice a Miller gasoline welder is until one has to string 300 ft. of 220v cable to power the shop welder away from the shop.  I have about 150 ft. of 00 cable wrapped on Frankentrucks headache rack.  I did add about 20' of #4 welder cable on the stinger cable end as that monster cable is a bear to weld with.


Hoping to find a trade for the trans complete with a transfer case already mounted on it that would bolt in place on the 94.  No more than we use the Frankentruck a t-350 would be plenty.  A big problem is the electronics so that is why I am wanting a non-electronic trans.  If needed I could simply order a split rear main seal 350 engine and put a quadrajet 4bl in place of the electronic injection.  I rarely put the 5 sp into 5th so having overdrive is not required.


Have got the raised garden frames into place, just need to go get 4-5 cu. yds. of topsoil to put into them.  Then cut some 2" pipe for tall fence posts, bore holes, weld cross rods on the posts, build and install a couple of gates so "The Bride" does not have to climb over the deer/dog fence to work the garden.


She was working in her Hostas garden 2 days ago and found enough mushrooms for a nice mess of fried mushrooms last evening.  Had forgotten how good wild ones taste.


Need to do some backhoe work around the place.  Found out today I can rent a small trackhoe much cheaper than hiring a guy to come and clean the ditches.  Probably could even work in changing the course of the big ditch a bit.  Of course, that requires we build the double axle trailer we have all of the frame needed to do so.


Looked at the weather chances for the next few weeks and camping looks bleak.  RAIN, RAIN, and MORE RAIN.  Hey Noah, toss us a lifeline.  


Saw a saying on a warning sign today.  "THIS CAN KILL YOU AND IT WILL HURT UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD" 


Maybe I will print up a sign that says "HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST UNDONE PROJECTS WINS"

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Mountain Rider

Gary, you need to slow down just a bit.  I'd just as soon not see you win that one, done or not.  Take care my friend.  


PS... yeah, you might want to get that carb fixed.  Leaking gas could lead to a rerun of the Goldwing incident, and I know you don't want that.  

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