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Indiana to the Grand Canyon

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I am planning on taking the Month of June to Ride from northeast Indiana to the Grand Canyon. I am still in the planning stages as far as a route is concerned, however I have no intentions of getting in a hurry on the trip. I will most likely be traveling by myself which mean I can follow any signs or suggestions on thing or places to see.


With that being said does anyone have any suggestions on people, places, things to see that could potentially be on the way there or the way back?


So far the 2 things have my sights set on are seeing the Grand Canyon, and riding the Wing down the Vegas Stip.


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From Las Vegas it is easy to go to Zion, then Bryce Canyon, up magnificent RT 12 to take in Staircase/Grand Escalante, Canyonlands, and Arches.  That part of Utah is spectacular.  From arches you can drop south and cut across Colorado to Ridgeway then pick up rt 550 (Million Dollar Highway) through Ouray, SIlverton and Durango.  Head east from there over Wolf Creek Pass. 


Then again you could go west to Colorado Springs go up Pike's Peak for a day trip, over Wolf Creek Pass to Durango, make a day trip over the Million Dollar Highway then back to Durango then continue west to Grand Canyon.  Then do the Zion to arches on the return trip, from Arches head to Grand Junction, Montrose,  Head East out of Montrose then north to Breckenridge and maybe even on up to Rocky Mountain State Park.


There is so much to see and to in that area you will never get it all in but you should have fun trying.

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I’ll echo what Doug says. After you have enjoyed the Grand Canyon, you will totally enjoy Southern Utah!!!! 

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have been to pikes peak area in the cage already. Im not sure I would enjoy enough a second time to take the bike in that area.


I do like the idea of checking out Utah

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