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To Ride or Not To RIde

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Hello All,

 For the last few months I have been having a heck of at dealing with giving riding up completely. I drive and deliver all day long and see so many people texting while driving its scary. The highways we dont drive on anymore we draft one another. Speed limit signs- no one obeys them anyways. I cam be driving in a 55mph zone doing 70 and people are passing me like i was stopped. Just the other day I went to start my work van to warm it up before i started my day. I opened the passenger door to lean in and start it up and i hear tires screeching and the sound of bending metal. I jump out to witness an accident and the one suv was in mid air flipping for a second time and landed on its roof. I  called 911 to report the accident and to secure the scene. Thank God all were ok and no one was seriously hurt. I am just worried that I to will become a statistic someday. I have 3 grandkids that I am watching them grow up. So i am sitting here pondering what do do. I am also considering putting a package deal together with my 01 GL19800A my 05 GL1800A and my Trailer as a package deal. These are some tough decision that are going thru my head right now.

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Mountain Rider

The answer to your question is something I can't provide my friend.  Only you can do that.  Let me tell you a story, just food for thought.  In 2001 (a bad year all around), we lost our youngest daughter in a traffic accident.  We played the what if game , and still do to this day, as the idea we could have prevented her death some way persist.  What if we had kept her home instead of letting her go to her friends house?  What if her friends mother hadn't allowed them to go to her sisters house?  What if the friends sister hadn't allowed them to go with some of their friends from school, to a party?  What if the driver of the car they were in hadn't been speeding?  What if the guys in the oncoming car hadn't been drinking?  The list goes on and on and on, and there's no good answer.  It always returns to that first question, and really the answer to that is, how do we justify locking her away from the world.  


So, the question you have to answer for yourself, do I lock myself away from the world?  You could just as easily be injured or worse just trying to go visit your grandkids.  Do you want your grandkids to remember you sitting in a rocker on the front porch, or for all the amazing things you do and see and share with them?  It is a dilemma, and I hope you find the answer you're seeking.  Good luck

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It looks like you answered your own question.  The time you start thinking about a "Package deal" of your equipment,  it's time to park the bike.

I put motorcycles in the same category as electricity & guns,  You must respect them but you can not be afraid of them.  When you become scared of something, it has a way of biting you.

Personally, I ride like everybody is out to get me. Fortunately most of my riding is rural, so the other traffic is not my enemy.  Unfortunately, seeing that most of my riding is rural, my main enemy is wildlife

& wildlife is way more unpredictable then other traffic.  I know someday I will buy the farm on my bike ,but at least up to the last minute, I will enjoy the views.

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Nobody can answer that question but you.  I ride because I enjoy it.  If I ever stopped enjoying it I would stop riding.  If you're constantly worried that someone is going to take you out then maybe your joy of riding is gone.  Like Carl said, I ride like everyone is potentially a risk to me, but it's just a mindset.  It doesn't keep me from enjoying my ride, it just keeps me in a defensive driving posture.  I'm the same way in my car and it has kept me from many possible crashes.  I do try to spend most of my riding our where there are less other vehicles as well, but you still have to be mindful of other possible hazards such as obstacles & debris left on the road, animals, fallen trees, etc.  It's just part of life on the roadways.  Just my 2 cents.


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