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Just a quick hello from Northwest Indiana. I've own probably 30  Motorcycles since I'm 17 years old but this is the 1st true gold wing I've ever owned. I found what I thought was a pretty good deal, and rushed into it without thinking too much. And of up after getting home from driving it in the ice cold rain and snow of Northwest Indiana in February that the title was a salvage title. Not a big deal I traded an old Jeep that I didn't want anymore so I still feel like a came out on top! I need to do some research on how to fix or buy plastics for the front fairing the bike had been dropped on both sides inside a garage. Never at any type of speed. So I'm looking at my options whether I wanna try and fiberglass from the inside or just spend the money for a new fairing and plastics.

 I'll probly take part in a lot of discussions and I'm happy to talk to anybody at any  Time about gold wings. My best friend just purchased a new motorcycle  And we are talking about doing a 4 corners by the end of next year.


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Welcome to the house Sam.  Lots of good folks here to help you with repair info.

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Mountain Rider

Congrats, if it runs and rides ok, that's half the battle.  Take a look on eBay for your fairing and body work needs.  You may have to do some paintwork to match  everything up, but then you've got what you want.  As for repairing the bodywork, there are a number of ways to repair it that are better than fiberglass.  Fiberglass tends to be less flexible and prone to cracking.  If you have a cracked panel that you plan on replacing, save it for repair material.  It can be ground into small shreds and combined with plastic cement or epoxy to make a slurry that can be used to fill and bond cracks.  All that aside, welcome aboard, good luck, and good riding.

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