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Loose shift lever shaft

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Hi Folks, I am working on a 89 Gl1500. The bike was a gift from a great Friend of mine and gratefully appreciated. It was a basket case when I got it and I have come along way with it. Today as I was pulling the lower covers to repaint them I noticed that the shift lever shaft fad a bunch of up and down and side to side movement. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, How did you fix it. All help and advice is appreciated. I'm taking this bike on a 3 week run out west in June. This will be my first vacation in more years than I care to think about. Just don't want to spend them on the side of the road. Be Blessed!

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My 88 had a lot of slop too and seemed to be normal for most .  Normal but not desirable. Mine shifted very well with Chevron Delo 15w40 so I didn't worry about it.   Highly recommend the Delo. 

I think someone had a kit to help that but if I remember right you had to keep an eye on it.  Google might find more info. 

 The shift shaft seal likes to leak on the 1500 after a few years but not hard to replace. 



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The shifter pivot kit I believe is available at Cyclemax $125. It is a great improvment and takes the slop out of the shifter . 

First though, do check and be sure the pinch bolt on the shifter extension shaft is tight and splines fit tightly when the pinch bolt is snugged up.

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