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Saga continues

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The Gold Wing fire saga continues.  The insurance company canceled our home insurance with 90 days notice.  We contacted another agent and he said no problem, just come in 2 weeks before and we will get you covered.  We even made an appointment.  When the day came we were informed that he had had a death in his family and had to postpone for a few days.  When we did meet he told us because we had had a fire and we owned a Mfg. home he could not find an insurance co to cover us.  So we went to another agent who sells for a company that we had the bike insured with.  Again the fire.  So he started looking for a company that would do it and found a great policy.  However they wanted a fire report on the fire.  Our local VFD report just said motorcycle blew up causing fire.  No report, no ins.  So we asked our former company for a copy of their investigation report.  "Cannot do that as it is an internal communication."  Well we waved a FOI form in their face and got the report which stated in very precise terms and quoting some studies that static electricity can and did cause the explosion.  So that got sent to the good ins. co.  Then they balked about the pone 150' from our front door.  So we pointed out that it was a source of a calculated 500,000 gallons of water for fighting a fire here or for tankers to fight a fire at a neighbors.  Then they wanted to know the depth.  I offered for them to come here and wade out into the pond and determine the depth.


Well the underwriter finally determined we are worth the risk.  January 1, 2019 in the a.m. we will be signing papers for insurance coverage.  At least we are not going to set fireworks off tonight so that danger should not be a problem.


We are trying to find out why the insurance company on the home is not paying the 75% depreciation they deducted on all of the items that we are now replacing.  Have another $2,300 in purchases to send in but am afraid of giving them an excuse to wait.  We have to use their share to seed the coffers to buy more new replacements.  


Happy New Year to Everyone.  May the new year be the best yet for you and your families.

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