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Took Kevin for a ride on Christmas Day

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One year ago this Christmas Day my son in law saw his 2017 gift, a 12' tall Minion named Kevin.  He was always going to bring his roll-back truck here and get it.  Seems like they have a problem getting to the "Round To Its" so Kevin sat here all year.  A second problem was where do you put a 12' tall Minion?  The place we sold them several years ago had my insulated machine shed shop that Estella and I had started building a 2 story home in one end.  Well the kids decided to turn it into a get away place and named it "The Resort".  Well now it is a special place for his large family to get together, to entertain friends and just as we tell them, not to get away and hide from everything.  Joe uses it to store the live edge slabs of wood he cuts.  He has one piece of Red Oak that is 54" by 22'.  He is custom cutting downed trees in peoples yards and etc. and if they want a slab out of the center he gets big money to do those cuts.  54" is the max he can cut and apparently no one in the area can do that.  His Lucas portable mill is one he can set up right over the downed tree.  And for Christmas he got a Wood Mizer Super Hydraulic band mill.  He is well equipped for something he only does 2 days a week.


Back to Kevin.  People have been complaining they miss the road back to the resort.  So at the Christmas Eve party of only about 50 friends and family we discussed putting Kevin at the corner in a spot my cousin cannot farm.  So Christmas Day Estella and I hung Kevin on the gin poles of Frankentruck and delivered him to his new home.  Actually he needs a new coat of yellow paint.  Maybe we can con one of Joe's nephews into painting him so he will stand out.  We did get some short people's eyes glued to the windows of their parents cars on the way down there and a lot of smiles while setting it up.  Of course some Redneck Idiot was probably use Kevin for target practice.  


So may we present Kevin on watch on the corner to the resort.  It is already reported that some solar lights might be shined upon him.


Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa was good to you.




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The grand kids slipped down to Kevin today and started a paint refresh on him.  Also put two solar spot lights aimed at him.  He should be ready to mark the corner for all of the new guests at the party one of the brothers are having Saturday night.  The kids have to finish with the paint tomorrow.  Actually looks pretty good.

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My grandson was quite impressed when I showed him Kevin . 

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