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Why is life a series of freaking problems???

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Frankentruck ceased to run a few weeks ago.   With all of the fire recovery going on, dealing with insurance companies, hospital visits and etc. I did not get around to checking him for his problem.  It had acted like a plugged fuel filter so I replaced his Ford half fuel filter then his Chevy half fuel filter.  Still did not cure the problem.  So started checking the fuel system at the engine and could not feel the injector solenoids clicking.  So I went and found my Noid lights and plugged in the one that was for that TBI injector.  Got in and cranked the engine while my darling bride watched the Noid light.  She said it did not flash.  She will not crank the engine because she cannot get close enough to the steering wheel so she can push the clutch down far enough for the safety switch to work.  So when she said she did not see the light flashing I started checking fuses, grounds, for burned harness wires that are common on Chevrolet's.   Got mad that I needed the winch and did not have it so I called a repair shop who came out with a rollback and retrieved Frankentruck.  4 hrs later they called and said they had him done.  Tank had water in it.  Evidently Estella was looking somewhere besides the Noid light when I was cranking it.  They got the water out of the tank and put in several cans of Heet.  $250 later we took him to the gas station and filled the gas tank to the top of the filler neck.  No runs, drips or gushers so apparently the tank was not leaking so water could get in.


Where did the water come from.  I have a big suspicion of a guy who owes me money and he is upset I keep asking him for it.  We have a guy tearing down an old mobile home for the metal and placing the burnables on a burn pile.  We used a pole saw to cut the headers under the roof he had already removed the metal from and dropped the sides in 4' sections.  That left a large part of the rafters still sitting on top of the closets.  So I backed Frankentruck up to the trailer, the guy pulled the winch line around the closets and back to the tailboard.  Started winching in and the winch line simply pulled thru all of the wood.  We then cut the rafters into halves with a chainsaw and today he is supposed to return and put the wood on the burn pile leaving a clean deck.  I will take a demolition saw to the floor this winter and get the frame from under it.  I want to make myself a 5th wheel trailer.  He was worried about retrieving the metal bath tub, for his wife's ducks to swim in, but the winch line simply pushed it and the toilet out the back.


Fast forward to Wednesday and my project of cutting the Kawasaki 1300 out of the 3 wheel motorcycle car I made about 6 years ago for my friend.  One of the several cars I have done for him.  He does not drive them but likes to show them to visitors so he can get praise for having them.  Got the drive separated from the rest of the car and the power train stashed.  Backed in and hooked the trailer with the front half of the car on it and pulled it out of the way.  Got out of the truck and smelled hydrocarbons (gasoline) and started looking to see if the tank was leaking.  It was!  Not because of a hole but because the anchor for the rear hangar strap had failed due to rust.  When the put the tank back into place and tightened the strap it put just enough load to weaken the anchor.  Not their fault.


So now I will have to remove the front welding bed hold down bolts, loosen the 2 bolts at the back and jack the front of the bed   up and then I will be able to get into the top of the tank and fix it back to snuff.  Think I am going to secure a gas filler neck cover with a hidden no key needed release.  Have the tank held up with a ratchet strap.  If you do not have several ratchet straps you are missing a vital item.


If it were not for cascading problems life would be boring.........! 


The Kawasaki hanging on the  hook.



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I could have sworn you were talking about me. Took the trans out of the truck that my son burned up. Replaced the clutches it drove good. Had to get 50 chicken to slaughter the next day 60 mile away. Coming back and getting off the eway 5 mile from home died. Tower of back and sounded like it was firing on the wrong cylinders but wouldn't catch. Pulled the timing cover to see the chian. Not that now pull the oil pan and put it back together and look else were. And the bike needs a stator in it and snow is coming. And some guy in South Carolina won the big pot.

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