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We have an old 12x60 ft. mobile home that was given to me years ago.  Pulled it here behind the tractor and used it for my wood shop.  It was basically rotted out but I laid some plywood over the part of the floor in the area I cleared out to put my wood shop.  A few years ago we had 31" of snow in 3 days and the roof collapsed where my gear was.  We rescued all of the wood working machines and let it set.


Our home health/help lady had mentioned that her hubby sold metal he collected and was a professional seller at flea markets.  So we offered all of the metal and etc in the trailer. If he did not want it it was going to be scrunched up by a track hoe and burned with the remains of the old barn.  All I want from the home is the frame.  Yesterday he came here and in about 5 hours all of the roof is in a pile, all of the aluminum siding it stacked and today we are going to take a chain saw to the walls and interior.  Should be a flat deck when done.  I plan to have Frankentruck running again and roll the thing over so the frame is on top.  that way we can remove all of the lag screws attaching the frame and then I will simply pull it off upside down.  The tires have been flat for years.


So the project is (hopefully) making the frame into a 5th wheel trailer for Frankentruck to pull.  Maybe to haul the Star Ship to shows.  A second project is if the Insurance company pays for the complete 350 Chevy 4 bolt main block, forged steel crank, rods, pistons heads and all assorted parts to assemble a complete engine I will order a GM Crate engine, swap it into Frankentruck, and while that is out we can get a new 3rd gear and synchronizer to get the transmission working right. The front differential will come out and the half shafts also.  I do not need 4WD as due to the back half being a Ford and the Front Chevrolet the axle ratios are different. I do want the transfer case to stay as the ability of having the lower range is great. Then he should be a truck one would not be afraid to pull or haul anything.


The daughter of the guy (who croaked a year and a half ago) up the road has a 5th wheel covered livestock trailer that he bought at an auction years ago and was parked next to the road.  It has sunk to the rims and the jack on the front has also sunk.  I keep telling Estella it could be made into a unique camper.  But she is an eternal Pessimist she says NO!  Simply because she cannot see the fun of having a livestock trailer decked out on the inside in a minimalist style camper.  Bet that would draw more attention than setting up the Aspen  when people see you pull it in behind a motorcycle or a Fiat. 

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