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Getting another motorcycle

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Sorry, it is not a Gold Wing.  Several years ago I built a 3 wheel car for my friend using an 88 Kawasaki for power.  Bolted it to the front end using a big bolt thru the fork eye and four smaller attachments along the side.


Well now that he has been thrust into actually being an active grandfather due to the tree killing his son who was the father of  three kids 3-5-7, he takes them and a book to the local mall that has a kids area.  He noticed the kids line up to get into an old airplane nose cone and operate a yoke.  It turned out the one of the guys who develop things  for the area was one of his former students of long ago.  My friend mentioned he had a 3 wheel car he would donate for the kids to play in.  So the display guys came to visit and look at the 3 wheeler and liked it.  However it could not have the motorcycle attached due to safety and etc. hazards.  I hollered DIBS on the Kawasaki power unit.  He is bringing it here this coming week for me to remove the unit and maybe put a dolled up rear wheel on it.  I have a couple of hubcaps that would attach to both sides of a wheel and would make it look like an electric hub drive.  


Long story short, the shaft drive will get cut off and the drive shaft adapted to the input shaft of the Renault transmission in Estella's Star Ship One 3 wheel car.  1200 cc and 5 forward speeds.  Coupled to the 4 speed transmission it will give 20 speeds forward and 5 in reverse.  The clutch on the bike will make any problems of shifting gone.  Probably will put the car in 3rd and that should make it plenty fast.


She is grinning at the prospect of being able to drive her Star Ship. 

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