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The JOY of vehicle ownership

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Owning a vehicle is always a pain in the tushie.  Estella lost her car key and it is costing $150 for a new one.  Frankentruck has (I think) has eaten his Ignition Control Module (ICM) for Halloween.  He has ignition but the Throttle Body Injectors are not firing.  Put a noid light on them and showing no pulsing.  The ICM also tells the computer when to pulse the injectors.  It is supposedly the first place to look.  It is, of course, located as far back as possible on the engine, under the distributor cap.  So one has to climb up, a K-3500 is not short, lay across the engine and remove the plug wires, cap screws, unplug 3 plugs and two hex head screws to get the module out.  Not easy for a young person but for an old person it is a bear.  Then have to take the module to Auto Zone as they have a tester for them.  Hopefully it is bad and that is all required to get Frankentruck back working.  We have a project requiring his winch in the next couple of weeks.  We have given all of the metal on the old mobile home I used as my wood work shop until the heavy snow load collapsed the roof, After the metal is salvaged we are going to punch the winch line thru the side and out the other side and back to the truck.  As the winch line is spooled in it will act as a garrote and shear the structure off.  All I want is the frame so we can build a 5th wheel trailer. 

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Winter is fast approaching, I bought a Hot Water heater bypass kit for the RV trailer.....

did not do that last year, and purging all of the water lines with air, did not leave me with a comfortable feeling.

backed up, and poured in 10 gallons of RV Antifreeze in the fresh water tanks ( 120 gallons of them, 2 ea 60 gal) and ran the pump until it all got flushed out.... 6 gallons it took to fill up the HW tank....


not this year, turn one valve, and use the new siphon hose hit direct to the water pump, and suck that stuff right out of the jug... 2 gallons ought to purge all of the lines, probably use 3 as I want to have some in the black water tank and grey water tanks also, so the valves don't freeze up...


Will jerk the tank outlet valves open and close immediately to be sure the pink stuff wets the surfaces of the valves.


oh, need to order up a new anti corrosion anode, that thing is almost eaten plumb through.

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always buy a brand new motorcycle, the older one's and second hand bikes always had some problems, some times it cause alot of pain to fix mechanical works, but some time it is very easy to get it  maintained.

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