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Sidecovers on a GL1500 and a Bad Day in General

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Hi Everybody, I'm Tom,


It wasnt a good day, lost the key down the center taking it out of ignition

at the gas station,

Dropped out of my hand and went down that filler

and into the deep recesses of the old girl

I think it settled down back of radiator, wife came picked me up

went home thought I had a spare no such luck so got the truck and trailer

and went to the gas station, loaded it up and went home. (15 miles)


Had to sacrifice lock on the glove box to get key code so I'll get 3 cut next week

I thought about taking the front end off, but no guarantee the key is even there anymore

and the way my luck is runnin I'll just get some new ones made


Well, it was windy, and going home on the trailer the GL15 shed it's right side

battery cover, bike is like new, an 89 wineberry with only 9K miles

I'll go out and search the highway again tomorrow

but if I cant find it does anyone here have a spare one or one off a parts bike to sell me?


I would sure appreciate it, either that or get those chrome ones I guess

Not the best day I've ever had, but the Wing and I both survived intact

(except the sidecover)



Thanks for reading, ride safe

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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate day. I think we all have dropped something in the dark recesses of these bikes. 

I hope you find your side panel, if not then there are aftermarket ones to be had, and some on Ebay. 


Welcome to the forum from Southern Oregon

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Ghost Rider 2

  I had a 1990 same color. side cover took flight the day I bringing it home.  Former owner did not bother to tell me he had broken a mounting pin.  I looked for long time.  Lucked out someone contacted me from Steve Saunders board.  But burgundy hard covers to find.   If you send me a PM  I can give you the name and a phone number of a guy that has a couple of 1500's in back room of his business.  1 black, one red or burgundy.  I bought hitch off of black one couple months ago.  may be worth a try.

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Just went through a process yesterday of putting zip ties through the grommets on my side and engine covers to secure them more tightly.  It worked pretty good, but even that didn't give me enough peace of mind, so I also attached large 100-lb. fishing leaders to each one - looping them around the frame and then passing them through the holes in the mounting pins.

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Not to add insult to injury, you could have carefully popped open the gas cover and the same numbers would have been on the bottom of that lock too. The gas cover has a little more flexibility than the right fairing pocket cover. Sorry to hear about your misfortune and hopefully you can get a couple spare keys made and find a decent spare sidecover...

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I'll search for a wineberry color , but here is a blue one and the emblem looks to be in good shape too, , ,



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After owning my bike for about 3 years and putting 40k miles on it ( had 46k when I bought it),, the water pump went out. As I started to disassemble for the new pump, I found a spare key wedged behind one of the coolest hoses where it attaches to the pump. I figured the previous owner must have dropped it like you did.

So,,, just for the heck of it,,,,, have a look there. It would be just above the oil filter. 

Good luck finding your side cover.

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This is why I have a spare key zip tied to the frame and my side covers tethered.  I have read too many times of people suffering this fate.  The worst that I had was dropping the keys in my 1100, but I was able to get them with a magnet that was under the faux tank. 

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