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Joy of living in the country, part 5

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Estella informed me this afternoon when there was a tiny break in the rain and she went to the mailbox that we now have a "small" trench across the driveway where the big ditch went over our lane] and she thinks the deck on the walk bridge tried to float away.  Maybe if it is not raining in the morning I will go investigate.  Sounds like I will be filling in a little bit.  Hope we do not have to get someone with a back hoe to fill it.

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Investigated and yes the bridge floor did try to float away.  Thank goodness I had wired it to the frame of the bridge.  Got the gravel pulled back out of the gravel road and filled the trench in the driveway.  The water coming down the ditch so hard dislodged tree limbs and weeds and blocked about 1/4 of the 36" culvert. 


We  had to go to a MD appointment today and found the roadway to the hard road had washed cuts deep enough we could have hid the Fiat in.  On the way back in the road commissioner had dragged the road.  That just drags loose gravel into the trenches and in the process he lowers the road even farther below the ditches.


Stopped to talk to the insurance agent on the way home.  All roses and honey with him.  He says he is prodding the motorcycle insurance co. about their  property damage part of the insurance.  Says the 2 insurance companies will come to an agreement between them about who pays what.  Motorcycle amount offered by the insurance co. is about 2 K short.  Actually 3 K but I will be happy at what I said it should be worth.  Even took them all of the photos of the bike just a few weeks before when I had finished detailing and servicing it for the year.  Funny thing is that the outfit that did the so called appraisal wants the title (no problem) and any spare keys (fat chance there unless they want to pick thru the pile of melted motorcycle to look for the key we had stored out of sight.  Did that in case we lost the main key when we were on an adventure.  All they have to do is look at the values of 2010 Gold Wings on the screen shots I took out of Cycle Trader.  The 2006 up to 2009 were more than they offered.

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