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The Last Day of Red Snapper Season..

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Last Sunday the 19th was the last day of the 2 weekend Red Snapper season here in Florida, my Boss has a 23' boat and he invited me so off we went at 6:00am!! Now my Boss hasn't done much offshore fishing due to the fact that he has a tendency to get a bit "sick" but, since he bought the boat last year, offshore fishing is all he's talked about. He had the engine serviced and we spent the week before getting tackle and such.


When we bought tackle he went with his buddies suggestions and was buying 6/0 circle hooks with 4-6oz sinkers: the heaviest 2 rods he had were about a 3/0 Penn with 40lb test.....


Mine's a bit bigger as I've got an 8' Ugly Stik with a TLD 30 Shimano loaded with 100lb Berkley Big Game mono.. So I bought 12/0 circle hooks with some 12oz sinkers to use.. Yeah... I have NO sense of humor when offshore fishing!!! :roflmao:


Well we hit the first spot and for the next 2 hours proceeded to catch the crap outta "Spinner" sharks with 1 small snapper which we released.. While fishing we noticed groups of boats to the north and south of us. Groups of about 10-15 boats!!! :blink::blink:


Well my boss decided he wanted to visit the spot to the north so we reeled up and started heading over. On the way I was thinking about the different trips I've been on and decided to try hooking the bait a bit different. And I'll tell you.. I don't really know if it was the new spot or how I hooked the bait BUT,, It was Game On Then!!! ;)


The first three I hung I lost due to the leader was 60lb test so I rerigged with a 100lb test leader and the result was a 31" Snapper which my boss caught!! We wound up with our limit of 3, 1 each, and had a GREAT time!!!!!


BTW, Due to the fact he was busy running the boat and catching fish, my boss forgot to get sick!!!!!!!!! :roflmao:




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WOW!  A little C4 and you would have a boat load.  Get out the Big cast iron skillet, some butter and start frying.  Now I am hungry for fish....

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