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fuel pump questions 1984 Gl1200

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Sorry Guys just became a member and not sure how your forum worked. I posted some questions about the fuel ststem under the title of Jimmyp

If you get a chance please look at this and if anyone has any anawers please reply. thanks to all those who did.  it is for a Gl1200 carburetor fuel system

my main question is can I use a rotary type fuel pump on this bike instead of a diaphragm pump.

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Jimmy, Welcome to the Site!! I don't think that the fuel pump type matters as much as the fuel pressure it exerts cuz too much pressure will overload the carbs.. Or so I've been told!! :59fb607672645_SmileyToothSM:


Anyway here's a parts list with some fuel pump part numbers that SHOULD work for you! Good Luck with her!!


GL1200 Goldwing Parts List

Oil Filters
Amsoil SMF-101
Purolator ML16809
Fram CH6009
K&N KN401
WIX - 24940
NAPA NAPA Gold 4940

Air Filter
K&N HA-8084

Radiator Cap
NAPA 703-1443 rad cap: NAPA part no. 31333 $18.69
Stant 10227 Stant GL1200 radiator cap is now 31333 rather than 10227. 07/03/27
Honda part no. 19045-MB0-013 $39.60

Thermostat (180 degree)
NAPA 535080 possible new part number 33488
Stant 45868
AutoZone 15868
Honda Part No.19300-MG9-000

Radiator Hose: (Cut in half to make 2 hoses)
NAPA 7733 (one piece; needs to be cut)
Gates 21008
CarQuest - 21029 (made by Gates)
Gates 21488
Radiator hose - Dayco P/N: B70834
Sold at Advanced Auto Parts.
Honda Part No. 19501-431-000 (upper) Honda Part No.19502-MG9-000 (lower)

Spark Plugs
AC Delco - ACR121XLS
NGK Standard plug DPR8EA-9 (gap .035)
NGK Iridium plug DPR8EIX-9 (gap .035)

Fuel Filter

Napa 3011

Possible fuel pumps replacement, might need a little accommodating

1 85 Honda Prelude fuel pump
2 Airtex e8316 ( bought at Advanced)

3 Fuel Pump NAPA
Part Number: BK 6101051
Product Line: Balkamp
Fuel Pump Fitting Size : NPTF 1/8-27 Int.
Fuel Pump Fitting Type : NPTF 1/8-27 Int.
Fuel Pump Gallons Per Hour : 34 gph
Fuel Pump Pressure Rating : 3 - 4.5 psi
Manufacturer : Facet
Manufacturer Part Number : 40180
Warranty: 12 Months

About $54 in US

Timing Belts (2 each)
NAPA 250070
Gates 5043 or T070 (available thru most NAPA & CarQuest stores)
Goodyear - 40272
Dayco 95070

Battery (Gel Cell)
Deka PowerSport Gel ETX18L (NAPA)
Odyssey Gel PC680 or PC680MJ
YUASA - "YTX24HL-BS", "Y50-N18L-A-CX", "Y50-N18L-A"
WESTCO 12V22 Sealed AGM

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