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Backyard Project

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First, the reason I am posting this is that it helps me to stay motivated to get the job DONE!


I have been trying to get my backyard situated (for a long time) for better access as well as a decent garage to keep our wing in but it has been a very slow process (mostly due our budget and the costs involved).


The overall plan is:

  • Install new privacy fence with a 10 foot gate near the rear property line. (COMPLETED in 2014)
  • Install culvert in ditch to facilitate easy access to back gate/back yard. (COMPLETED August 2018)
    • I got an 11 foot piece of 12 inch steel culvert for $65 and covered it with 2 yards of topsoil for $70
  • Add gravel to new back access driveway. I'm SURE the topsoil needs to be covered with gravel! Probably going to use crush n run.
  • Empty existing garage, it has a particle board wood floor and is on skids. The garage door is facing forward toward the house and I need to turn it to face the back gate. In addition, I want to get it out of the way (temporarily) so that I can have a cement slab installed for its new floor. The new slab will be shifted to the right a bit to allow for a longer driveway.
  • Once the garage is empty we can try to spin it and move it back into the right corner to allow for cement truck access. I have access to a couple of off road jeeps so I am hoping we can handle that job.
    • I may have to take out a tree to get it out of the way but I would prefer to leave it in place.
  • Create form and base for new cement slab and have it poured. I may go a little bigger to create a side "porch" facing the house.
  • Once the new floor is ready we will attempt to pull the garage back onto the slab and then cut the wood floor out and secure it to the cement.
  • THEN, I can focus on getting power to the garage and getting it set up properly!


Here's some pics...click to enlarge







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