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Hold on, the earth is turning over!

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The GREAT AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE Harley Davidson is moving some of their production out of the USA.  They project they are going to lose $35-40 million due to the retaliatory tariffs the EU has imposed on USA motorcycles.  It is adding over $2,000 to the cost of the motorcycle.  So the answer is to build offshore and avoid tariff penalties on USA built motorcycles.  Guess they will truly become the American built myth.


However with the stupid tariff war that has been created by lack of caring about stuff costing more, the Gold Wing motorcycles will probably go up in price in retaliation to H-D's being taxed.  Maybe Honda will ship Gold Wings to some location, slap the last few pieces of Tupperware on and call them Made In USA.


Have to protect national security you know and will know when you go to the store and find prices 25% higher.  Gasoline prices are up even though we are slated to be the #1 producer of oil (with the import of Canadian Shale Oil) simply because the trade war fears of oil being included into the war.


To those of us on fixed incomes it is meaning we simply will have to do without some items.  Hopefully we will be able to purchase needed items to repair stuff directly from China and it will not be tariff targeted.  Just got a magneto for a motor on my welder for $13 with free shipping from China.  Looks the same as the $89 one from the Tecumseh dealer.  Hopefully I can get back into the shop to install it and get the welder running, get it back on Frankentruck and possibly be able to do some welding to bring in some $$$.

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