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Prince Charming Died

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To all of you guys who thing you are Prince Charming, I hate to tell you the real Prince Charming has died.  My hometown's most famous actor person, William E. "Bill" Phipps died in CA on June 1st.  He was the voice of Prince Charming in Disney's 1950 movie Cinderella.  He always considered himself a Wabash River Rat.  His father died when he was 6 and his mother and older brother moved here.  She married and the boys and their step dad did not get along at all so they spent their time on the river and the people in the town saw after them.  My grandparents had him in their home often and uncles and aunts always talked about growing up with him.  When he and his brother left town at 18 they took their Dad's name back.


His mother and step dad lived just across the street from us.  She was a wonderful person and helped me a lot.  He was a great guy to me growing up but he was not a very sociable guy but one who everyone liked.


Bill always claimed the height of his acting career that lasted until 2000 was when Wald Disney himself told him he was going to be Prince Charming.  He wrote he was living in a $7 a week basement apartment next to the water heater and spiders when he got the job.  Disney had a contest to find the girl who was most like Cinderella.  When she was found, Bill wrote that Disney studios sent a limo, took him to get a tux and top hat, took him to the award ceremony, gave him $100 and the limo took him back to his basement apartment.  I remember seeing him visiting his mother a couple of times.  It was just an in and out as he and his step day did not get along even then.


So I guess the job is open for the next Prince Charming.

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