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Replacing Origial Bulbs with LEDs

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I've been thinking about replacing all the original bulbs on my 1978 GL1000 with LEDs and have had several people tell me not to purchase the cheap ones from ebay!

Example link...

20Pcs BA9S LED White 1895 for $15.95 with FREE shipping ... very cheap at less then $1 each!

Another GoldwingDocs member suggested ordering from: https://www.superbrightleds.com/
See picture below for what I'm thinking of ordering!

What would the best color temperature be for the instrument panel lights/LEDs? Cool 6100K or Warm 2700K ? I'm looking at:

but don't know which to order. What do you think would be better?

Where can I get a LED flasher relay that is the same size and shape as original?

I found these but don't know which, if ether will work?... and they are sqare not round like original...




Somewhere I found a replacement LED flasher relay that was the same size and shape as original but now I can't find it! Any ideas?

Screenshot-2018-5-24 Cart Super Bright LEDs(2).png

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Just one recommendation for you.  If you are going toreplace all your lights with LED, make sure that the LED color matches the color of the lens.  (Red LED behind Red lens, Amber LED behind Amber lens)  otherwise it will not look correct.  Using a "White"Led behind a red lens will look pink.

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Wingpilot08... Yes that's exactly what I planned to do... if you look at the screen shot I posted... you will notice I'm ordering various colors to go behind each of my warning lights (blue for high beam, red for oil, green for neutral, ect, ect...)  You wouldn't by chance know where I can get the correct LED replacement turn signal relay for my 1978 GL1000 so I don't wind up with hyper flash when I use them?

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+1 for SuperbrightLED's.  I put em in my'91 interstate dash and they are stunning!!  


One additional piece of info, , , ,some of the LED's will need to have a resistor put "in-line" because of the difference in power consumption between LED v. incandescent.  I'm not comfortable with the skill needed to solder them resistors, so I chose to replace only the ones that were 100% "plug-and-play".  Like I said, , the difference was stunning, even though only about 75% were changed.

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Thanks Bluthundr31!


I am comfortable buying bulbs that aren't "plug-and-play"  actually I've already purchased all the bulbs and now I've purchased the following Electronic LED Flasher Relay and LED Marker Lamp Load Resistor Kit in hopes of using one or both....





Could anyone help me figure out how & where to wire them into the system?

Can I just replace the existing flasher with this one?

I'm not sure which side of the original flasher wiring comes from switch and which goes to the bulbs? X or L Looking at the wiring diagram I just go cross-eyed!

Please someone HELP!

Flasher Relay.jpg


Color Schematic-78200-Honda Goldwing GL1000 1978 to 1979.jpg


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I manage to change the flasher unit with the new electronic LED flasher relay (link above) and replaced the original bulbs with LED bulbs ... then I figured out if I wired the LED light load resistor to the load side of the relay the turn signals now flash rather then just stay on!

Now my turn signal buzzer/clicker doesn't work anymore! Could that be because there isn't enough resistance? Do I need to use a high ohm load resistor?


Anyone have any thought's or suggestions?

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