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Alcan is in good shape

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If your planning a ride to Alaska this year is the time to do it.  I saw a report from Wheeldog over on Motocampers.  He is a long time Alaskan rider who just drove it in his p/u with camper.


Came from NY to Alaska.......got in a little over a week ago. Alcan is in the best shape I have ever seen it in. No construction and decent pavement all the way. There is some bad potholes around Swift River area and about 20 miles of bad pavement before Beaver Creek. Tok cutoff between Tok and Glennallen sucks. That's about it. I was in a pickup with a camper......but no problems on a bike. I used diesel.....kind of expensive.....averaged around $1.35 a ltr cdn. Most was $1.499 at Toad River. They "say" fuel in BC is supposed to get high this summer.


This is good news!!  Some years it has not been so sweet.  I can't wait to hit the road for this summers trips.

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Mountain Rider

Compared to the last time I drove it, that's an awesome report.  I drove it in 1975, the pavement looked like it was cut by a knife at the Alaskan boarder, and didn't see any pavement until the Customs station and that was just a concrete pad under an awning.  From there, there was nothing until White Horse, about 15 miles worth.  A lot of gravel travel back then.

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Yes back in the 1970's it was all gravel.  I moved to Juneau in 1975.  The first time I rode a bike on the Alcan was 1976.  I was heading north from Juneau to go see my brother in Valdez during the pipeline building days.  It was quite an adventure for a young guy just out of the Army.  My first time heading south on the Alcan was on my spanking new 1987 GL1200 Interstate.  By then of the 900 miles of Alcan I had to drive about 300 was still gravel.  This summer will be my 29th trip on a motorcycle on the Alcan of those only three where not on Wings.  My Bride also rides a Wing and 650 dual sports. She has been along on about 2/3rds of the trips.

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