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looking for an aftermarket part number

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Is it possible that NAPA ( or other parts store ) might have a thermostat and o-ring to fit a GL 1500 ? I suppose the gasket/o-ring is all I really need.

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GL1500 Aftermarket Radiator Cap.
Stant 11233
NAPA 703-1406.
oops! you said Thermostat....
I bought a stat at O'Reilly's Auto shop for a ST-1100 and I can't help but think they have one for the 1500 also.  IIRC, they are all the same stats??


here is a full post on all of the Aftermarket Parts available.... almost a full list :)





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are you positive that it is bad?? they almost never go bad.




Might find these useful. Looks like there is an O-Ring needed as well as the T-Stat.




The Beck Arnely number......BA143-0689 , can be crossed to a Murray from Orielly Auto.
That number crosses to 2 different Murry numbers and those numbers cross to Napa numbers
Murry 3868- to Napa 101 Good For Gl1000'a & Gl1100's
Murry 3958 to Napa 185 Good For GL1200's & GL1500's & Valkyrie's
the difference is the 101 is 54mm in diameter and the 185 is 52mm.
I found it, what I was looking for,
In doing some research I found some interesting information, apparently the stock GL1500 thermostat flange is 2.050" this is the same diameter as the following thermostats avaiable from CarQuest, NAPA, and AutoZone

Carquest: 32438 --- 180 Degree F

NAPA: ATM1542904--- 190 degree

ATM1542903--- 180 degree

THM 201 --- 192-195 degree

THM 101 --- 180 degree

THM 535090 --- 192-195 degree w/premium Weir design

THM 535080--- 180 degree w/premium Weir design

NAPA & AutoZone: Beck/Arnley brand thermostats (add BA in front of #s for NAPA)

143-0687 --- 160 degree

143-0688 --- 192 degree

143-0689 --- 180 degree

Rubber thermostat gasket / seal

Carquest --- 30730

NAPA --- THM 1091

ATMTG 2801

BA 0390019
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Thanks John . The rubber seal is what I really need . I try the NAPA store first as its nearest .

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I was able to pick up the t-stat o-ring from NAPA . They had a like a dozen in stock . :) Thanks for the help.

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