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***New Forum Tutorial: How To Submit a "Beneficial Suggestion"

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How To Submit a "Beneficial Suggestion"

The "Beneficial Suggestions Program" is designed to give all of our membership an easy way to submit their ideas and suggestions to the Membership and the Community Leadership for review, consideration and possible implementation. Special Note: All Beneficial Suggestions submitted using this procedure will receive an award of 50 Wing Nuts, In addition, if your suggestion is actually implemented you will receive another award of 250 Wing Nuts!! Note: the pictures used in this instruction are taken using the "Infraskew (Maroon)" theme. Using a different theme will make some of the items look slightly different however the functionality remains the same. A "suggestions" menu item has been added to the menu bar at the top. (See Pic #1) Pic #1   You will be taken to the Beneficial Suggestion Submission information page where you can then click on the "Apply" button. (See Pic #2) Pic #2   This will take you to the actual Beneficial Suggestion Submission page where you will see a convenient form for you to fill out. Please be clear and thorough in your entry to give everyone a good understanding of what you are suggesting. Attachments all allowed if you wish to include them for addition clarity. Once you have your submission ready you select "Save" which in this case means the same thing as SUBMIT. (See Pic #3)  Pic #3   Once you have submitted your suggestion it will be automatically added to the "Beneficial Suggestions Program" Forum as a new topic created by you. Here it will be available to all of our Membership for review, voting and comments as they wish. You can certainly vote or comment as well. (See Pic #4, Pic #5, Pic #6 and Pic #7) Pic #4 Pic #5 Pic #6 Pic #7 That's it!


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