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What would you do for a cup of hot chocolate?

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The "Supreme Household Commander", "She Who Must Be Obeyed",  said "I would like to go for a ride in the snow."  We have had about 8-10" in 3 days.  So I figured correctly that the Gold Wing was not her cup of tea so I said "we will take Frankentruck because the Fiat might not be the best thing to go for a ride in today.  "No, I want to go on the 3 wheeler."   


We usually go out and ride in the fresh snow every year on Big Red so just to make it look like I tried I put on a pair of shoes and a coat and went out to start Red.  It has not run for a while, the battery is toast, so I would kick it for a few times and go back inside.  DANG MOTHER HONDA and her wonderful vehicles.  I turned the switch on, hit the starter switch and just got a grunt, so I pushed the kick start thru one time till it was on compression, held the enrichment control open and gave it a swift kick.  Nothing.  Just to be able to say I tried I kicked it a second time and IT STARTED!  Let it warm a couple minutes on enrichment and left it idling.  By this time I knew all hope of not going for that ride was lost.


We got all of our insulated safety gear on, helmets on, welding gloves on and climbed aboard Red.  I figured we would just ride out the back up to the top of the hill where the tank battery is and come back home.  WRONG!  So down the oil lease road on top of the hill we went.  We got to the public road and started the loop back to the house.  Well it did start to get a little fun as the drifting had filled the road to over the front tire of Red.  So the only challenge there is to try to figure out where the road is between the ditches where the snow would be really deep.  Made it thru that area without any problem.  In the mean time I noticed that none of the wells were pumping so therefore no tracks in the cross road.  OK!!!  Now for some real fun.  Our road commissioner who is a real piece of work that could not operate a piece of equipment that is not air conditioned (at the expense of us taxpayers) has to run the district snow plow truck Tuesday morning so the mail guy can get thru.  Of course plowing the roads so any emergency equipment can get to homes in the district is not his idea of responsibility of office.


Being a mischievous and sometimes vindictive old coot I decided to lay a trap for the road commissioner.  We rode around the corner and I drove the 3 wheeler at an angle into the ditch the idiot will not fix.  Just before the front tire started to go down I backed out and then made another parallel set of tracks to the first and backed out.  With the wind that we are getting the east west road will get drifted shut again and the north south road will just lightly fill the tracks.  Now if he does like he normally does and follows previously made track and at a speed that snow is flying up over the blade my guess is that when he gets someone to bring the district backhoe to pull him out he just might get a nice look at the ditch all of us out here have been trying to get him to fix.


We did exit another direction and had a nice little 3 mile ride around the big circle as we call it.  There is only our house and 3 others on the circle.  One house which has a couple of teens with 4 wheel ATVs had been out playing around in the road in front of their place and the other 2 homes they evidently decided to stay home.  We rode thru drifts on the whole circle and in the spot that Estella coming home from work in a blizzard got stuck in the van and I had to go rescue her with the 3 wheeler we actually had to go up into the field to get past the drifting there today.


So I am sitting here finishing up my hot chocolate thinking "Now Benny, do you see what we all have been saying about that grabby ditch?"

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