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Hosting PIctures

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most of you already know that Photobucket is now charging a minimum of $1.35/day paid annually to allow you to see, or link to your own pictures.

we paid the price in the beginning when we gave them "Ownership of that picture" the instant that it is uploaded , it does not belong to you any more.

We typically take a picture and upload it somewhere w/o renaming the picture on our computer before we uploaded it to a host "somewhere".  so now, we have 100s of threads in our forums that are full of a huge glaring Photobuck image stating you can't have that....

so, how long would it take for you to go through every thread you posted on for the last ten years, and try to find that one picture that you forgot to rename.

oh, here it is, it is named

2006-11-15 Sony 12345555888

real definitive huh?

I have 3 separate 1 tb hard drives of backup files, that "maybe" have a picture that I need, but they are all just randomly scattered around the on the drives, not in special folders named for a project, just a bulk folder that is creatively named "Pictures" or "Camera" as mine is.

So, it is advisable from now on that we all store our pictures at home, in a manner that we can find them again.

and on the forums, Puhleaze upload them to an Album that you have created on that forum with a name relative to the photo project.  this way you can find it again w/o trying to find that one post, in a long ago forgotten thread.

by always storing the forum photos on the forum, they will always be there as long as that forum lives.

Even if all you do is upload the picture to that individual post as an Attachment, that is immensely better than depending on an outside of the forum picture host....

I will never again, use a webhost for pictures, burned once their fault, burned twice, my fault.


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