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***New Forum Tutorial: Using The Image Gallery

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Using The Image Gallery

Note: the images used in this tutorial are taken when using the "Infraskew (Maroon)" theme. If you are using a different theme it will make some of the items look slightly different however the functionality remains the same.   To get to the Gallery you simply hover over the "Go To..." menu and select "Gallery" from the drop down menu (See Pic #1).   Pic #1     Once in the Gallery you select the button "Add Images" (See Pic #2).   Pic #2     The first step is to select a the Category "Members Albums Category" (there is only one category for now) (See Pic #3).   Pic #3   You will be presented with a "Choose Album" page where you can "Continue without using an album" (NOT RECOMMENDED), "Create a New Album", or "Choose an Existing Album" (if you have one already). The Choose an Existing Album ONLY has a list of your previously created albums. You cannot add images to someone else's albums. (See Pic #4) For this tutorial we will be creating a new album. Fill in a Name for your album and a brief description and the select the "Create New Album" button. (See Pic #5)   Pic #4   Pic #5   This takes you to Step 2, Upload Images. You can Drag & Drop or you can choose  your files manually (I prefer Drag & Drop myself). Note the Accepted File Types. (See Pic #6) While adding your images to the new album via Drag & Drop be sure to drop your images WITHIN THE DOTTED LINES (box) otherwise it will boot you out and you'll probably have to start over! (See Pic #7)   Pic #6   Pic #7   Step 3 Add Information is next. For each image you have uploaded you can add a caption, tags and a brief description if you want. The caption defaults to the file name however you can change it if you want (recommended). There are additional selections available at the bottom of this page. People can comment on your images so I like to select the toggle for "Notify me of comment on these images". When finished you select the "Finish editing images" button to complete the upload process. (See Pic #8) The upload process kicks off and will for a bit depending upon the number and sizes of the images you have uploaded. (See Pic #9) Once the upload is completed you are done!   Pic #8   Pic #9   If you Go To... the Gallery you will see a listing of our other member's Albums in multiple pages and you should be able to scroll through and find your own. (See Pic #10) However, if you want to see your new album or all of the albums you have created it's much easier to go to your Profile Page (See Pic #11) and select "Albums" (See Pic #12)  and you will be presented with a listing of all of your albums (See Pic #13). Don't forget, you can add Comments to other members images too!   Pic #10   Pic #11   Pic #12   Pic #13            


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