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***New Forum Tutorial: Using The NAGF Online Store

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Using The NAGF Online Store

Note: the pictures used in this instruction are taken using the "Infraskew (Maroon)" theme. Using a different theme will make some of the items look slightly different however the functionality remains the same.   The very first thing you'll see that is different is that there has been a new addition to the Menu Bar "STORE/CLASSIFIEDS" (See Pic #1). When you click on it a drop-down will appear with several items to select. The one we are focusing on right now is the "NAGF Online Store" (See Pic #1). Clicking on it will take you directly into the store front where you are presented with the category listings (See Pic #2).   Pic #1 Pic #2   The next step will be to hover over one of the category boxes and a description of the items in that category will appear. Give it a try! (See Pic #3)   Pic #3     Now we're going to click into the "NASSIR 7 LEFT OVER ITEMS" category to get a view of exactly what products are being listed. (See Pic #4)   Pic #4   Ordering a t-shirt with various sizes available is probably one of the more complex tasks so we'll use that as our example. Clicking on the T-shirt image, title or button on the right will take you to the item (product) detail page. Please note that if you want 2 t-shirts of 2 different sizes then you select qty 1 of one size and add it to your cart, then come back and select qty one of the other size and add IT to your cart. This gives you one of each size selected. (See Pic #5)   Pic #5     Now we're going to go back into the product listing and select the embroidered patch this time and take a look at some of the details available on the product page. (See Pic #6)   Pic #6     The next step is to actually add an item to your cart so we've select 1 patch and clicked on the "Add to cart" button. That will bring up a window that confirms the addition and gives you an option of going to your cart (Review & Checkout) or to "Continue Shopping". (See Pic # 7)   Pic #7     Let's select "Review & Checkout". That will take you to "Your Cart" where you can review the item(s) you are ordering. (See Pic #8)   Pic #8     Let's move on to the checkout page by clicking on the "Checkout" button. Here you can verify your shipping address, select your delivery method and review your order. (See Pic #9)   Pic #9     Now we can move on by clicking on the "Continue to Order Review" button which takes you to the "Checkout" page where you select your payment method and place your order. (See Pic # 10) NOTE: this will take you to your PayPal page for completion of your payment or if you selected "Manual Pay by Check" it will take you to our "Awaiting Action" page with the details you will need to send us your check. (See Pic #11)   Pic #10 Pic #11   That should do it, if you have any questions, concerns or problems please let us know via the support button!    


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