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***New Forum Tutorial: Using Classified Adverts

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Using Classified Adverts

Note: the pictures used in this instruction are taken using the "Infraskew (Maroon)" theme. Using a different theme will make some of the items look slightly different however the functionality remains the same.   The very first thing you'll see that is different is that there has been a new addition to the Menu Bar "STORE/CLASSIFIEDS" (See Pic #1). When you click on it a drop-down will appear with several items to select. The one we are focusing on right now is the "Classifieds" (See Pic #1). Clicking on it will take you directly into the Classifieds section where you can review items for sale by your fellow members or you can enter your own "Advert" to sell something. (See Pic #2). Pic #1 Pic #2   If you already know you want to enter an Advert of your own you can (optional) go to the "Create" icon (the pencil) in the upper left corner and select "Advert" from the drop-down. (See Pic #3) Pic #3   In either case, creating your own Advert brings up a window for you to select a Category. PLEASE NOTE: if you do not see a category that fits your item, PLEASE let us know so that we can add it, thanks! Select your Category and click on the  "Continue" button. (See Pics #4 & #5) Pic #4   Pic #5   There are six (6) steps in creating an Advert. (See Pics #6 through #10) Select a "Type" of Advert Select the "Condition" of the item Select a "Package" from the choices available (Special Note: While we will not charge for placing an Advert at this time, there MAY be a token charge at some point. When we say token we mean a very small amount to help offset our expenses.) Add your images and select one of them as the cover photo Add a "Title", your "Description", a "Price", Allow "Offers" yes or no, and Enable the "Notify Me" toggle Select/Add your "Contact Details", PM, Email, and/or Other (usually a phone #). You can select one, two or all 3 methods (your choice). Once complete, click on "Save Advert" Pic #6   Pic #7   Pic #8   Pic #9   Your Advert will look something like what you see in Pic # 10 Pic #10   In addition, to maximize exposure, a new topic will be automatically posted in your name top the Classified Forum. This posting will allow members to see your Advert and go directly to it like a shortcut. (See Pic #11) Pic #11   Here's some pics that showcase some additional items of interest as it pertains to Adverts.            


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