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We went to Mecca today

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Really did.  We mounted up on the wing today and went to Mecca.  Well, Mecca, IN, at least.  Saw a big covered bridge built well over 100 years ago.  


We also rode into Rockville, IN where the center of the covered bridge festival was located.  This festival is a 10 day thing and other than the bridges around the county it is just one big flea market.  Two sides of the town square were covered by 2 big long tents.  The other 2 sides by food booths.  Definitely priced for the tourist.  $7 for a fish sandwich. and $5 for hamburgers.  


We had found a place just diagonally across from the court house in front of a place called "the Hog Pit"  where there was a HD trike parked at an angle in front of the place so we just backed in beside it. The hog pit was a neat part of the 36 saloon that took up 3/4 of the block.  They had a great pavilion made of rough sawn timbers pegged together and the sides were open.  However they had roll down garage doors on each opening so it could be closed in for winter. 


When we found a table the waitress came, gave us a menu and we figured it would be off the map. IT WAS NOT.  Estella ordered a pulled pork sandwich and I ordered the Hog Burger.  When the food came her pulled pork sandwich was piled high with pork and had garlic potato chips with it.  The hog burger was a large hamburger topped with cheese topped with pulled pork and had the Garlic chips with it.  I still had 1/4 of my burger left when I had to throw in the towel but Estella decided it could not go to waste and ate it.  The bill? $20.65.  At the event one would have to gone up to some trailer, order some crappy burger and then have to kicked some people sitting at the few picnic tables there was just chatting.


200 plus miles, my required once in a lifetime trip to Mecca and a nice day.  Hard to beat.

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