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Bob the dog

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Last week we had a yellow lab probably mixed with a great Dane dropped on our place.  Estella taped we might have your dog notices on mail boxes for a mile radius.  No luck in getting him back to his owner.  Aggravating dog as he demanded to drag any tool or rag I did not have in my tool boxes out into the yard.  He chased our outside cats off, banged on the door wanting to get into the house and made it where you could not be outside.  He did love to run with the Honda 3 wheeler and could keep beside it when the thing was in 4th gear.


Being he was just too big for either of us to have knocking against us wobbly old people we decided he had to go to the Humane Society.  So Saturday past we tried to get a lead on him but he thought it was play.  So we figured we would catch him with the lead when he was pulling on a stick I would throw.  No luck.  So we found a old rubber ball from our last dog. Still no luck.  I did miss throw the ball and it hit a tree limb over me.  That dog jumped to catch the ball and I was looking at him mid place on his body.  


So I wrestled him to the ground and Estella tried to get the lead over his head and in the process she got her arm in his mouth and ended up with a puncture wound that probably needed a stitch.  Finally I just laid on him and she got the choke chain over his head with the lead on it.  He calmed down and I lead him to the cab of the truck and he jumped in and sat on the passenger seat.  He had to droop his head to see out of the windshield.


We got to the Humane Society and there was no one there.  While I was looking for someone he started tearing the upholstery off the inside of the passenger door trying to get to the barking dogs in those pens.  I finally gave up and started home.  About 1/4 mile from the society pens I had to stop at a stop sign.  That dog went over me, the steering wheel and was off back up the road to where the penned dogs were.  Well I figured they had him even if no one was there.


Estella went out the back door this evening and there was Bob the Dog.  Tomorrow he is going 16 miles to a humane society in Vincennes, IN.  We just cannot have a dog that is dangerous to our ability to walk around the place.  if he comes back from Vincennes then it will be a terminal mistake for Bob the Dog.


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