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Estella is now a police woman

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We some how got onto a list of cold call boiler rooms.  So when I get a caller ID from some unknown number I just answer "Grays Corner PD"  When they ask for Estella I ask "Whom am I speaking to?"  When the give a name I ask "With what company are you?"  When the hesitate  and come up with some company we do not do business with I say "I am sorry, she is out in a squad car" Then when they try to get me to talk to them I say "if you are trying to sell us a great plan I will transfer you to our computer fraud department."  Click.


Gray's Corner is where my Great Great Grandfather had a country store so it got that name.  It has a population of 3 in one house.  We live in the suburbs.  If someone were ever to offer a threat of legality about saying "Gray's Corner PD" I would explain we are Gray's Corner Produce Department.


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for some reason, I get calls from a radio station up in the far northeastern part of our country.


i answer and get 'dead air', nothing, after i say hello thrice or so, it just hangs up.


Reverse Number can't find it, and when I do a callback, i always hear advertizing for the "hottest radio show going" and I hang up right there.


my phone shows the city/state sometimes, just the state other times.


just love a caps lock key that don't work anymore  'i' is supposed to be 'I'

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"911 what is your emergency ma'am" Ugh,it's not an emergency sir.Ok,how can i help you ma'am? We are experiencing several calls coming in and this is a 911 emergency line may i have your name and address please ma'am,we are now tracking your location ma'am,please hold a moment.Click!

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Check out this link, funny as heck. Great way to get back at those people

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