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Aspen HQ visit

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On the 14th we stopped in El Paso, IL, for lunch and fuel up.  After lunch we drove down the street a few blocks to the Headquarters of Aspen Campers.  All of the management were on their August sabbatical and the Shop Foreman was in residence.  Spent about 15 minutes visiting with him and in that time we said we were hoping to get some more brochures as we long ago gave out the ones we had.  He got a a few out of a box that had just came in that morning.  Got to see the camper that Brady had pulled in the week before and got onto a new chip and seal road.  I now think that the need for a diamond coat or color coded bed liner to protect the front of the boxes.  I am still finding new holes in the gel coat on ours where the matte was not pressed into the gel coat.  Just put some filler in those holes and re-coat the front of the boxes with spray bed liner.  Not as bad as it used to be simply because of more coating and the mudflap that almost touches the ground.


I finally got around putting the mud flaps on all four wheel wells on  the Fiat 500 that we bought 4 years ago.  I think they will really cut rocks from being tossed back to where the camper is.  I do know they seem to create vortexes to help prevent dust on the back of the Fiat.


We are still very happy with out Aspen.  Any marks on it are like marks on it's owners, the marks are badges showing we have and are living life.

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I had a rock that kicked up last year and took a pretty good chunk out of the corner on the tub of my camper. That is something that can defiantly be looked at and improved to prevent it from happening to others.

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The front of the Toy Hauler we just  acquired has a diamond plate covering the lower portion of its' front.

never  looked  hard  at it to see if there are  any chips,  would suppose their are.  it is a 2004 model.

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