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Scooter schooner camper

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I have come across a 1990 Scooter Schooner camper for sale. I know they are out of business and parts are not available. I have seen pictures and I know pictures don't tell the whole story.  I need to know what I should look out for when viewing the camper? What kind of price would be a reasonable offer? If you would give me the high and low please. I know many of you have different brand of campers but this is one I think I can afford.



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I don,t know if they are out of business . I found this with a quick search.

Scooter Schooner Mfg Co 
P.O. BOX 73, Sharon, 
     Oklahoma, US - 73857


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I have seen that information (most of what i found was dated years ago)? I looked up the 322 area code and they say it is in Mexico and the domain is for sale ? The fellow selling camper said the original two guys had passed away and the business was closed?  I really am looking for advice on the camper itself and if anyone has had any "hands" on experience with one of these campers.

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I know this is an older post, but I have been pulling a Scooter Schooner for a couple years now. I originally bought it because I liked the unique design and it is a light weight camper. It is a bit cumbersome for one person to set up, but that gets easier with practice. The only thing that I don't like is the lack of tie out points to stabilize it in heavy wind, but that can be mitigated quite a bit with your setup. It pulls like a dream and gets a fair bit of interest when set up. All in all I like the camper a lot. The original owner sold the manufacturing rights several years ago, but as of a couple years ago, the current owner still had a few leftover parts available.

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