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problem replacing a taillight bulb

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I tried unsuccessfully to change a taillight bulb.  One of the cap nuts wouldn't come off.  The bolt is turning inside the housing.  


I tried a socket like I did with the other 2 nuts.   fail #1

I used the socket with a drill.  fail #2

I cussed at it after fail #2.  Who knew the nut would get hot enough from the speed of the drill to burn my finger tip?    fail #2.5

I used a dremel tool to grind the head off the nut.   fail #3

I sprayed liquid wrench on the threads.  fail #4

I tried prying gently behind the nut and applying a light, sideways pressure to the fixture and ratchet while using the socket.   fail #5


I decided 3 out of 4 tail lights and both brake and blinker lights working is enough for now, until I get new ideas to try.


The first thought was using a nut splitter, but I don't think there is enough room to use it, since the nut is recessed in the plastic.

Next is to drill out the bolt but I don't believe for a second that i could drill it perfectly straight, especially in such tight quarters.


Any other ideas??

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What year is the bike and is it the trunk light??

It sounds like the trunk where you said the nut is recessed in plastic.

Did you try to pry between the light body and the trunk frame?

If all fails put a sq drive and socket on a drill to spin fast to heat up the plastic then let it all cool over night to solidify then use a stubby 1/4" drive socket gently turning.


It hapens when someone over tightens the nut. They don't need to be overly tight. 1/4" drive socket driver only and hand at the head of the socket driver or stubby driver

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That happens a lot on 1800s, factory overtightened. About all you can do is spin the nut with a drill until the stud melts the plastic & comes out of the tail light. Then you can grab the stud with vice grips and get the nut off and glue it back in. When I got my 1800 I carefully broke loose all those nuts and just snugged them back down. 

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