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Makes one happy you pull an Aspen Camper

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I had to go into town today so I took a 5 gallon gas can with me.  When filling it up I saw the biggest CLUSTER @#*$ one could see happen.  It was so funny to watch that I pulled out of the pump island and got myself a front row seat to the event.


Picture this.  A gas station/convenience store on a major intersection (well for a town of 4,000 people) where the pumps parallel to the lesser street have only one 2 sided pump with a roof over it that had a 12' 4" clearance marking.  The pumps that parallel to the bigger street has 3 sets of double sided pumps in a line and a parallel set of diesel pumps without a cover on one side.


Some old couple probably in their early 60s pulled off the smaller road in a new looking Dodge 3500 series dually truck pulling a new looking 5th wheel camper that looked REALLY LONG.  First problem was that he did not get the corners required to get his truck next to the pump.  Second problem was that his rig was so long that he could not even get the rig to the pumps even if he had gotten in line with them because the retaining wall at the end of the drive was about the same distance as the rig would barely fit.  In the mean time traffic was getting piled up in the station drive way.  Finally some "Well Meaning" redneck with a confederate flag in the bed of his truck decided to get out and direct the guy.  They decided to get angled into the islands with them multiple pumps.  What was funny and sad was that overhead was a couple of inches lower than the other one.  So the front roof mounted air conditioner scraped its way under.  So now they had a camper with two roof mounted A/C units, one under and the other on the back and higher end of the trailer out.  By this time the station manager was out there, a bunch of sidewalk superintendents, 2 cop cars the manager called and one evidently new to campers couple having a bad case of panic.  


Thought about going over and tell them to fuel their truck, lower the air pressure in dual wheels, lower the truck a bit, back out, angle up the the air inflation stand, air their tires back up and leave.  But with 2 cops there who were probably trying to figure out how to hire construction cranes to lift the island roof....  That was the point I left.  


As GalaxyHunter said last year when talking about a large camper "Those people have serious anger problems with their money."

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Anger problems with their money...



Ooooo! That's good!!!

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Yes, I have been know to say that a time or two.  Will my Royalties be in cash?  I don't take checks. :roflmao:

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Then I owe you another royalties payment.  A machinist/electrician was showing his companies work installing their product in a huge factory that manufactures those big diesel pusher motor homes.  They are doing over 1,200 light assemblies that have to be explosion proof.  So I replied with your line.   

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