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Hoosier National Forrest

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This past weekend The Bride and I traveled to the Hoosier National Forrest to spend 3 days of "Pause time" camping in our Aspen camper.  We stayed in the Hardin Ridge campground.  With our senior pass (best $10 ever spent) it was $17 a night for a campsite with electricity.  Nice place to simply unwind.  Closest place to get any forgotten supplies is a 15-20 minute ride just to get there.


Now the downside, it is located on Lake Monroe.  Most of the campers had boats, pontoon boats, jet skis or Kayaks.  Across from the National park is a State of Indiana park complete with a big marina.  That was the problem.  Those rich people with their boats with 600 hp motors worked hard to keep Arab oil expensive.  Estella and I joked about how those boats burned more gas in one full throttle trip down the lake than we did getting there and back home.  


We did get some books read and made a Sunday trip down to Spring Mill State Park where we were met with toll booth wanting $10.  I told the gal collecting money that we were just circling around her toll booth as that was simply too much to look as some old log cabins.  So we made a ride back to Bedford and enjoyed some ice cream with half of what IN wanted in toll. 


Will we go back?  Probably but during the week when the loud boats will not be out.  Next trip camping? Probably about 20 minutes after we say lets go camping.  All is ready except the bag with clothes in it and a few perishables to eat.  Some where along the line in the pass we had bought a insulated bag that had a cold side and a dry side.  We put all of the frozen packs that Estella used after her shoulder surgery in with the bacon, hot dogs, Hamburger and etc that needed to be kept cold,  Then we sat that inside the big cooler mounted on the trailer tongue which had about 10 lbs of ice.  That worked very well as when the ice melted the insulated bag stayed cold.  In fact those cold packs were still cold after 3 days.

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