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Winter Storage for your camper

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OMG!!!  John, you are getting old if you go for a trike.  Us youngsters ride on two wheels, well that and the lack of $$$ to get a trike.


We rolled the aspen out of its garage and hooked it to the back of the Fiat.  Estella is not released to ride on the bike because the doctor when he thinks of a cycle he thinks of one of those bone shaking, noise making, mythical makes you a bad man things.


So anyway we went to the Land Between the Lakes and spent the weekend.  Sunday was the one year anniversary of her retirement and the one year anniversary of owning our Aspen.  Was super windy and when we came back from a drive down into TN and touring some civil war battlegrounds we returned to the camper and the tent tub was ruffled up.  The gear we had in the front corners was tossed against the trailer.  No big deal.  When I went outside to pull the corners back out I saw a big 4 room tent all collapsed and the poles bent.  Looking around the camp ground and we saw several smaller tents in disarray. 


All in all we had a great time, had many visitors come look at the Aspen.  It seems that one who looks in it tells another who comes to look in it.  We passed out several brochures to the ones that actually seemed truly interested.  One couple who had a big 5th wheel camper were truly excited.  They said it would be their escape camper because when they even start doing stuff with the camper the grandkids start wanting to go.  They could hitch onto it with her small car while in the garage and secretly drive out.

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