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Trike Rear Bottoms Out

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I have a 2012 GL1800 with 2014 Motor Trike conversion. There was only 75 miles when I bought it in 2014. The conversion was done by a Honda dealership that also is a Motor Trike installer. The GL1800 was purchased by them still in the crate in 2014. Traded in my 2007 with 2010 Motor Trike conversion because the transmission and clutch had to be rebuilt and the drive shaft broke twice - Motor Trike sent free replacement parts and paid the labor only the first time.


I find that the lower trunk scrapes against the bottom of the top trunk when closing/opening the bottom trunk.


I also find that the rear end is prone to scraping somewhere on the bottom (I think its the rear most cross bar).


Does anyone else have these issues or similar?

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    Sounds like you need to adjust your trunk to clear that door. As far as scrapping the rear end, a few guys have put on air bags and can lift their trike like a lowrider, therefore they can ride across a farm field and clear stumps. Like every one else you just learn to angle down a curb/driveway, watch out for deep potholes in parking lots and backing up to the curb at the favorite café. Or else you'll ding those exhaust tips for sure, when the wife and I are 2 up I ride with the preload at 95% and the shock spring manual preload is adjusted one down from full adjustment. I have a solid rear axle so all my factory stuff still works.  

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Thanks for the info mightymousesr

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