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Pivot Hinge Wear

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When I was at Larry's house in Arkansas, and was closing the top down on the camper, a rivet fell out onto the ground.  I looked for an empty hole that it could have come out of, but didn't see anything.


While installing the canvas top, I noticed the bottom hinge on the bed, where it attached to the trailer was lose and sticking up about 3/4' from the tun on one side.  Upon inspection, I noticed the empty hole that the rivet came out of, then I noticed another rivet that the head was just sitting there, broken away from the bottom section.  After fixing the one side, I inspected the other side and found the same thing.


I put screws in them for now, till I can either find a good flat headed screw or a rivet long enough to go through the tub and a support washer on it.  I would prefer a nut and bolt as it's easier to get in without having to take that dreaded hinge bolt out.


If you have an older Aspen, I would highly recommend checking not only these points, but all the buts and bolts as I also found one of the tub bolts lose.  Not a bad idea to do an annual inspection of these items before you put the camper away for the season or opening it up in the spring.





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These are now bolted and nutted with nylon lock washers. Please feel free to let us know about your issues!


Brady, Aspen Campers

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