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Aspen Owner's Poll

Aspen© Owners Poll  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you currently own an Aspen Lightweight Camper?

  2. 2. If "Yes", which model do you own?

    • Aspen Ambassador
    • Aspen Classic
    • Aspen Sentry
    • Aspen Base Camp
  3. 3. Did you purchase your Aspen New or Used?

  4. 4. What year was your Aspen manufactured?

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A quick pole to see how many of us own an Aspen© Lightweight Camper!

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Proud owner of an 2006 Classic.

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I was going to answer "No" to the "Light weight" question...........  But I guess for what they are, they are kinda light weight.....

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I HAD an Aspen Ambassador for a couple of years.



I like the camper for it's twin beds. I bought it right after my wife decided she couldn't Ride anymore. My theory was that I could still go camping with a friend and we each could have our own beds. Good thought but only happened twice. I was at the first motocampers weekend at Hunt's and to WOTS once,

I liked the camper when camping alone too but found that with my bum shoulder, I couldn't raise the top by myself. After a couple of years I traded it for a Mini-Mate which I love. After modifying the frame to accept a trailer tongue box and a cooler on the rear, it's a great lil' camper that works for me.





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I voted no to the first question, but the poll wouldn't allow me to continue.  It said I had to vote for each poll.  There is no option for N/A on the other questions, so I couldn't answer them.  Another question to add to the poll would be, how likely are you to buy an aspen in the future.  I would vote a 4 out of 5 for that one.

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